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People keep asking, what is so good about blogging? They will never know the fun and excitement of it, until they own a blog themselves. There are a lot of blogs on the website that were so famous for one time and now among the dead dull websites. Blogging is about the momentum and passionate to keep writing.

How to keep your blog alive and how to maintain excellent posts? Different bloggers have different perception and interests. Some are writing for interest and hobbies, the rest are writing for money. No matter what your motive is, keep writing articles is the most important for a blogger.

To me blog is not just publishing articles or earning extra cash, blogging is about communication and making friends. I am so glad that after having this blog I get to know some friends online that drop by your site to pay you visit or leaving you comments. I feel this is very important, sometime I might give up blogging but on the next day when I received an email on comment notification this will keep me running again.

There are few VIP bloggers that I know them over the blogging community and now we still communicate over blogs:


SlowCatchUpKuan – A frequent traveller that just came back from Hanoi. She talks about anything during her visits. If you love to travel, this website can be your guideline. Oh ya, I want to congratulate her as she just won an Excellent Award by Netster. By the way, one of the reason I keep logging to her blog is because the non-stop hit there 🙂

BB Community – Used to be a very active ‘commenter’. He will drop comments at any blogs or any posts as long as somebody writes something. He is also the only blogger that shows up at the VIP blogger meet up during my visit to KL. Anyway, lately his blog has become ‘paid posts’ only. Not sure what is happening to him, just received some words from him that he is going to come out with new blog with new ideas. Humm… really looking forward for that. 

Merdurian – Medurian just loves durian. This is her slogan while she was having her durian meal on her last year post. By the way, her real name is Vickie, I still wonder what does merdurian stand for? Is there any special meaning? I still remember her domain was banned by the webmaster due to some recycle condoms as hairband as article, I still have that screenshot at my archieve page. Anyway, Vickie is doing very well now, somemore advertising on Unlock iPhone Service at her website, if you need to unlock iPhone which are imported from USA, do visit her site.

CheeChingy – Very young and creative blogger. She has all that need to become a creative director. She is the blogger that only focusing on interest and says no to paid post. If you like swimming without getting wet, check out the latest swimsuit edition on her latest post.

WUSWS – Another bloger that will talk about anything just like me. I just know him lately and find his blog very interesting. I still didn’t managed to get his real person photo in his blog yet. May be will request from him and make him person of the year just like bb community. LOL

For those new bloggers that want to get famous, come join us.

13 thoughts on “VIP Bloggers Update”

  1. hi steven, ya, recently my new post isn’t coming out (not even paid posts). I’m just back from a car accident. My left hand still a bit painful and weak. But that’s not an excuse, right? Blogging makes us learn and know each other, and i appreaciate that. Its a new chapter and new beginning of my life now. This post sparks me to back to my blogging business. Great post, really!

    for WUSWS, welcome to the big family ;p

  2. Welcome back bb community, How’s your accident? That must be very hurt as I had motorcycle accident before too. Anyway, hope you recovered soon and glad to see you getting back on blogging again. Will arrange another meet up with you guys again on my next KL trip 🙂

  3. aiks you always remind me bb community = big boss LOL

    btw, my webmaster has apologized to me due to banned my site because we have agreements that I can post whatever I like including porn on my site 😀

  4. hmmm..i don’t want to look like big boss la, big boss all fat fat de. hmmm, i’ll upload my latest thinner photo when i diet successfully. (of course la, when success only upload) wakaka~

  5. Oh wow, BIG thank you to you for featuring me and even putting up my blog banner! I feel really honored indeed!! *Chinese humble mode on* Haha, but no need lah, very paiseh. My blog isn’t all thaat interesting. Like you said, i just randomly blog about anything and everything with no direction whatsoever.

    But its true, blogging has made me alot of friends. And their comments too, have saved me from quitting many times! Now that i have a little more freedom, i actually get to meet lots of them in real life rather than just see their pictures and read their comments. FUN!

    Would love to meet you someday and thank you up front. Do let me know if you ever organize another bloggers meet. 🙂

    “post whatever I like including porn” – HAHAHA! Your host so kind.. 😛


    p.s. YAY, I’m a VIP!! And i didn’t even try…
    p.s.p.s. Lagi paiseh show real picture. XD

  6. one thing I like about USWS is that he will leave very long comments at your blog. If you want your blog to be fancy, you better tie up with him LOL

  7. i know all the VIP blogger mentioned in ur post, except WUSWS, will do blog walking there now.

    Honestly, I visit more often than others…as i like durian too…lolz
    isnt last time vickie with a nickname “mercury”? i think merdurian=mercury+durian? :p

  8. Amei79, Vikie = Mercury = Merdurian like Durian but not Durian.
    Wao… this equation is very complex.

    I think I should have more than 1 nick name also, like StevenGoh = BananaGoh, Steven like banana but not banana. LOL

  9. Heya though Ive been blogging for a while, Ive never really learnt about it till recently. I agree that blogging is more than writing, but connecting as well 🙂 Well, here’s my first to your blog (which was connected via BB) 🙂

  10. totally agree wif u.. i jus started blogging last month and i feel good.. i can blog anything i like.. who cares.. i blog abt my feelings, my work, food and etc… as long as i like it, i wil jus blog 🙂 and my frens are happy to read it too. haha…

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