Hard Rock Hotel Sand Bar Launching, Batu Ferringhi – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Hard Rock is an international icon to people around the globe. Although language might be a barrier, when people visit Hard Rock Hotel or Cafe, all will be in one language – music, food and entertainment.

Hard Rock Hotel in Penang is a luxury resort situated along the famous beaches of Batu Ferringhi. With a total of 250 guestrooms, you can spend your holiday here in a luxurious and relaxed mode.  With a contemporary feel, all rooms are well-designed with guests in mind. With Wi-Fi connections, iPod docking stations and 32-inch LCD screen TVs, you can stay connected with your loved ones and be entertained 24 hours.

My visit to Hard Rock Hotel this round was not for the Hard Rock Hotel itself. Instead it was about the new Sand Bar launching on 19 May 2012.

The launching of this Sand Bar was attended by more than 300 guests and the theme is called All Purple Beach Party. The Sand Bar was created with the idea of offering an alternative place for guests to have a drink and chill-out on the beach.

Upon arriving at the Sand Bar, you can see people are talking, eating, drinking and having fun just on the beach.

The concept of the bar is very casual, you can kick off your shoes, watch sports match or listen to some good live music.

Free flow of finger food such as pizza, buffalo wings and deep-fried rice balls were being served.

The thin-crust pizza tasted nice and each round came in a different flavour. However, the rice ball tasted a bit weird. Definitely not my cup of tea.

In celebrating the launching of the sand bar, Hard Rock is offering a list of promotion on its alcoholic drinks:

  • Sandlager Cocktail – RM25++
  • Corpna Free Jager – RM27++
  • Budwiser Free Jager – RM26++
  • Savanna Free Jager – RM32++

We get to taste Jagermeister for free. It had a strong liquor content with 35% of alcohol, yet the taste was sweet and tasted like cough syrup.

Nevertheless, all the drinks for that launching night were of free flow from 7pm – 9pm.

The guests from Australia were seen dancing and singing happily. They were having a fantastic time.

Jagermeister, Carlsberg and Redbull were the sponsors of this event.

The Live Band entertainment was performed by Bongga Bongga Band.

A powerful and energetic dance performance by Danzity.

The party rock anthem with the jagger move done by a group of performers, it was Awesome.

The white mask man doing his liquid dance.

The official launching of this event was done by Mr. John Primmer, the General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The domino effect was impressive. It initiated with a single lift of a cup which then caused the smaller cup on top to pour into the bigger glass. Most people managed to get a taste of it.

The hot chicks were just around the corner to entertain the guests.

Hot Chicks performed their hot dance.

The guests were also having fun dancing on the dance floor as well.

Someone was trying to be naughty. The girls in bikini were loading their water guns with water.

Still busy loading……

Alright, ladies on your mark…..

One of the chicks was happily running around with the loaded water gun.

She was aiming and shooting at the crowd.

She was so happy with her new toy.

Ok…. now look who’s the boss. Luckily the water didn’t managed to shoot to my camera.

What a happening and crazy shoot out session to end this launching event.

Operation hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-881 1711
Address: Hard Rock Hotel Penang,Batu Ferringhi Beach,11100 Penang, Malaysia
GPS: 5° 46′ 75.95″ N, 100° 24′ 20.47″ E

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