Fook Yen Curry Mee, Kulim – The Classical Creamy Curry Mee

If I told you that the curry mee we are having at this moment is not the authentic one, will you believe me? The authentic curry mee from the earlier days was creamy and milky type. Unfortunately, it is sad to say that this traditional and authentic delicacy has lost its traits in Penang.

One of the few places that serves this type of classical  delicacy is Kulim Town. For those who know Kulim Town well, you can drive to Jalan Tunku Putra, just after Jalan Tunku Asaad, turn into Jalan Jalan Aman. After 3 streets on your right turn into Jalan Tunku Ibrahim and you will see Fook Yen coffeeshop is nestled in the middle of the shops. For those who are not familiar of Kulim town you can ask the locals where is Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant, and Fook Yen is just a 2 doors beside it.

In this coffee shop there are only few stalls. You won’t miss out the curry mee stall named as 明光 “Ming Guang”. They serve Bihun Kari, Mee Kring and Koey Teow Sup.

Although this stall is selling a variety of food, the only food that attracted me is the classical creamy curry mee. The price for both soup or dried style is as below:

  • Small – RM2.50
  • Medium – RM3.00
  • Big – RM3.50

This particular stall is run by a middle-aged couple. They have been selling the curry mee here for decades. No matter it’s rain or shine, they will run their business as usual. Unless it’s Chinese New Year, they will close for more than a week.

The ingredients and the noodle were placed into each bowl.

For both dried and soup style, the base ingredients are the same. The ingredients include yellow noodle, bihun, chinese string beans, barbecue pork and chicken meats.

The outcome of the curry mee (soup style) is very similar to the one that we had in Penang. It included tau pok, clam meats and sambal chili paste. The difference was on the soup itself.

You can see a thick layer of coconut milk on top of the curry mee. The taste of the soup was rich of coconut milk taste and aromatic. It was very seductive.

As for dried type of curry mee, the top was also covered with a layer of creamy coconut milk.

The difference between the soup and the dried one is that the dried curry mee is mixed with some dark soy sauce as one of the bases.

Overall, the classical curry mee is very nice and delicious. The temptation to eat versus healthy diet is very contrast when comes to this dish. If you want to make sure you get your share of a bowl of curry mee, please be at this shop before 10am. If not by then the curry mee will be almost sold out.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 6:300am – 11:00am (7 days a week)
Address: Jalan Tunku Ibrahim, 41050, Kulim Kedah.
GPS: 5° 22′ 15.5″ N, 100° 33′ 14.90″ E


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  1. Fook Yen GPS coordinates are:
    E100* 33′ 14.9″
    N5* 22′ 15.5″

    What you have given in your blog is way out, I am afraid …

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