Hard Rock Cafe, Batu Ferringhi – Limited Time Menu For Veggie Lovers

Most of us do not realize that Hard Rock Cafe serves vegetarian dishes. Moreover, this year marks the third year of the cafe serving vegetarian dishes. This time, Hard Rock is launching a limited-time vegetarian menu to coincide with Vegetarian Awareness Month.

From 2nd of October until 12 November 2017, Hard Rock Cafe Penang is expanding its legendary menu to serve up fresh and new vegetarian-friendly dishes and plant-based beverages with South American influence.

Quinoa and Arugula Salad (NEW), RM35 – a mix of fresh arugula, Pico de Quinoa and sautéed, shredded brussels sprouts served with feta cheese, craisins and spicy pecans drizzled with garlic lime vinaigrette.

Personally, I am a green lover. This salad had the fresh greens taste from the arugula and shredded brussels sprout. It was then topped with strong flavor of feta cheese. The addition of craisins made the salad very appetizing. This is one of my favorites.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (NEW), RM33 – corn tortillas loaded with spicy black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, cabbage, spicy guacamole, Romano cheese and Sriracha chili sauce.

The spicy black beans and the spicy guacamole really spiced up this tacos. The spiciness level was further increased when topped with Sriracha chili sauce. This is the dish specially dedicated to spicy food lovers.

Grilled Ratatouille Wrap – grilled ratatouille vegetables topped with Sriracha mayonnaise, olive oil and baby arugula, served in a seasoned grilled flour tortilla with a side salad.

The hot Sriracha sauce was blended with Mayonnaise and it was quite hot and spicy. The bite texture of the crunchy cabbage mixed well with the soft sweet potato. However, I still find this dish lack of some cheese. If this dish is added with mozzarella cheese, it will be perfect.

Spinach, Potato & Chickpea Burger, RM35 – a house-made patty of red skin potatoes, spinach, chili peppers, cilantro, chickpeas and spices, topped with arugula, tomato, cucumber and a spiced yogurt sauce.

The chewiness texture of the patty made this burger felt like a real meat patty burger. One thing that makes this burger special is that it doesn’t use gluten. It is not like our usual veggie burger which is high in carbohydrate. This version is healthier.

Grilled Hummus Quesadilla (NEW), RM35 – a grilled, folded tortilla stuffed with Sriracha mayo, green hummus, sautéed spinach, sun dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives and Sriracha chili sauce.

Most of the Mexican dishes use Sriracha sauce to spice up the dish including this one. However, this dish was too “green” which I felt that it would taste much better if some mushrooms or some nuts were added.

Most of the drinks are cocktails.

The Heat Is On, RM44 – Premium Vodka, Monin Almod Orgeat, fresh mint, lime and jalapeno. This is my favorite. It reminded me of “Mojito”. The taste was so similar to Mojito.

Mule Over My Rosemary, RM44 – Premium Gin and Monin Watermelon mixed with fresh lime juice and ginger beer and garnished with fresh rosemary. The taste of this drink was very plain compared to “The Heat is On”. However, the slight fragrance of the watermelon and rosemary helped to boost up the taste of this drink.

Yellowson, RM44 – A simple mix of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Red Bull and garnished with an orange wedge and cherry. I am very sorry to say that this drink is not my cup of tea as this drink tasted like cough syrup.

Citrus Mary, RM48 – A zesty mix of ABSOLUT Citron Vodka, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and bloody mary mix and garnished with celery, fresh lemon, orange and green olive. This drink is similar to Bloody Mary. However, this drink was added with some orange and lemon taste to make it more appetizing.

Cool As A Cucumber, RM44  – Premium Tequila, Monin Cucumber and grapefruit juice with a fresh cucumber spear and mint. This drink felt like having a mixture vegetables and fruits. It combines the benefits of both into a drink.

Overall, the new menu is to coincide with Vegetarian Awareness Month, which is designed to spread the awareness of vegetarianism and the benefits of a meat-free diet. The International Vegetarian Union encourages individuals worldwide to spread the word and experience the vegetarian lifestyle. What began as World Vegetarian Day has blossomed into a month-long celebration that involves educational events and festivities.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Corkage Charge (RM200 per bottle)
Credit Card
Smoking (available outdoor)
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:30pm – 2:30am (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-881 1711
Address: Hard Rock Cafe Penang,Batu Ferringhi Beach,11100 Penang, Malaysia
GPS: 5° 46′ 75.95″ N, 100° 24′ 20.47″ E

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