Chong Qing Authentic Cantonese Dim Sum Breakfast

Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo, this restaurant is known to many for its famous steamboat. Even myself also just get to know that Chong Qing also serves Cantonese style “dim sum” in the mornings. The problem of finding a good place for dim sum in Penang is most of the dim sum restaurants do not make fresh dim sums but rather steamed right from the freezer. However, at Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo most of the dim sim here are “made to order”. In other words, the dim sum dishes are all freshly made upon order. The chef behind this Cantonese dim sum hailed all the way from Guangdong, China to Penang with a mission to introduce authentic dim sum to Penangites.

Chong Qing is housed in a standalone refurbished mansion with a heavily influenced oriental theme. It makes us feel like entering a restaurant in China.

They have separate sections for those who come in a big groups.

There are up to 80 types of dim sum available and about half of them with a price range between RM3 – RM5 per dish. Chong Qing serves dim sum from 6:30am – 2:00pm. During weekdays (Mon – Fri), all the dim sum dishes are entitled to 20% discount.

Deep Fried Series (RM3-RM5 each)

Fried Spring Rolls, each spring roll was rolled with carrot and yam bean slices and deep fried until crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Fried Aubergine (酿茄子), the deep fried slices of aubergine is something common but nice to eat.

Honey BBQ Fried Buns (蜜汁芝麻包), the bun was filled with honey barbequed pork meat and covered with sesame and deep fried. They were quite delicious and not overly sweet.

Fried Dumplings, the fried version of dumplings which tasted normal and nothing much to shout about.

Sesame Balls (金钩煎堆), each sesame ball was stuffed with pandan flavored lotus paste. This was nice when taken hot. 
Steamed Bitter Gourd (酿苦瓜), the bitter gourd was stuffed with minced meat and topped with a cube sized century egg. This dish is perfect for those seeking a bitter and salty dish.
Glutinous Rice Balls (糯米糍), the glutinous rice balls were covered with shredded coconut which tasted delightful.
Mini Durian Buns (迷你果王榴莲包) – RM5.50 / 4pcs, the durian jam had the taste of a real durian which is perfect for durian lovers.
Black Sesame Buns (迷你雷沙包 ) RM5.50 / 4pcs, packed with thick and smooth black sesame paste.
Steamed Pork Ribs (蒜鼓蒸排骨) – RM8, this is must-have in most dim sum meals.
Portuguese Egg Tarts (招牌葡式蛋挞) – RM4 / each, the tarts were freshly made and skin was made layer by layer. Currently this is the best Portuguese Egg Tart in town that no other places managed to make it.
Signature Shrimp Dumplings (招牌虾饺皇) – RM8 / 3 pcs, the prawns were big and fresh. This is the signature dish in this restaurant.
Signature Pork Siu Mai King (招牌烧卖王) – RM6.50 / 3 pcs, the minced meat was so juicy and tasty. The price is high due to its size and the abundance of ingredients used. This is my type of comfort breakfast.
Crunchy Shrimp Roll (脆香虾网) – RM8.80, the crunchy rice noddle was used to cover the shrimps inside and deep fried, then topped with mayonnaise sauce.
Prawn Rice Noodle Rolls (萃绿鲜虾肠) – RM8, this is Cantonese style chee cheong fun and inside was stuffed with fresh shrimps. The soy sauce and the rice roll blended well with the shrimps which gave you the overall satisfaction taste.
Crystal Leek Dumplings (水晶韭菜饺) – RM7.50 / 3 pcs, the steamed dumplings were stuffed with leek and shrimps and covered with crystal clear skin hence the name of this dish. It is somewhat similar to our “Teochew chai kuih”.
Red Dates Cake (养颜红枣糕) – RM6, this is also the most popular dish in this restaurant. Those who love to have smooth complexion should not miss out this as red dates have the ability to improve our complexion.
Shrimp with Corn Dumplings (鲜虾玉米饺) – RM7.50 / 3 pcs, this dish is similar to the crystal leek dumpling, instead of leek it was replaced with corn.
Beef Noodle (广式牛腩面) – RM12.80, the beef noodle is a common Cantonese dish. This clear soup broth was cooked together with braised beef brisket and served with lettuce. This is another good comfort dish in this restaurant.
Overall, considering the ingredients and portion of the dishes, the price of the food here was still reasonable and the taste of the food was delicious. The main selling point of this place was the dishes were freshly made unlike others which were steamed right from the freezer. Parking is not a concern at all as there is ample parking space in front of the restaurant.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Corkage Charge
Credit Card
Smoking (available outdoor)
Private Room (Private Area)

Operation hours: 6:30am – 2:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-229 5155
Address: 41, Jalan Kelawai 10250 Penang
GPS: 5.4306784, 100.31361

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