Dining Can Be Inexpensive @ Chili’s Gurney, Penang

Who said that dining at Chili’s Restaurant is very expensive? Normally, the average cost for dining in Chili’s would be around RM30-60 per person, which is considered very high for an average income earner. In this post I will show you a way to chili-out in a great dining ambience with just RM15. Moreover with my guidance not only you will not piss off the staff too much but also put some smile on their faces. The ideal number for this eatout is between 4 to 5 people. It’s even better if you go in couples during afternoon tea time when dinner is just barely 2 hours away.

To some people, we might seem to be very “ngiao” (literally translated as cat in english, which means stingy in Hokkien). Anyway, this is one of the ways for the people with tighter budget to get a taste of dining in a popular US restaurant chain, which is deemed to be quite expensive for locals. 

First, when you got your menu turn to Snack and Light page to start up with a “Bottomless Tostada Chips” (RM9.95 excluding tax). It is good to enjoy the hot and crispy tostada chips while chatting with friends. Together with the tostada chips is their flavourful house-made salsa dip.

It is not complete if you have “Bottomless Tostada Chips” without any chili drinks. To top up with that, you should consider bottomless soft drinks. In our case, 5 people in a group, 3 ordered Iced Lemon Tea (RM7) and another 2 had plain water due to “sore throat”.

The main ingredients of the tasty tostada chips are corn and flour. The chips are very crispy and filling. When dipped with their house-made salsa sauce the combination is just superb. The hot-from-the-stove chips with the chilling salsa sauce will leave you yearning for more. However, after 3 rounds of refill it will start to fill you up.

This is how it’s like on the near to bottom tostada chips. Anyway, don’t worry it will be refilled in no time. 

Remember, there are still some “rules for refill” that you need to follow to hide your meow attitude. After the second round of refilled tostada chips, you should have ordered something before proceeding for a 3rd refill, else the waitress will start to get “black face”.  For something with a better variety of taste and sharing, “Triple Play” (RM24.95 excluding tax) is a must-order. 

After the “Triple Play” order you may check out the facial expression of the waitress, surely she will be nicer at this moment and you may proceed with your next refill of tostada chips. If your stomach still have plenty of space, you may try out the new favorites from Chili’s.

If this is your call for the day, you may then ask for the bill. Now, for the bottomless drinks, the calculation goes like this:- Bottomless soft drink RM7 divided by 4 rounds = RM 1.75 per glass. Bottomless tostada chips RM9.95 divided by 4 rounds = RM 2.48 per serving. Now for the grand finale Total bill:

(RM7 x 3 glasses of soft drink) + (RM9.95 x 1 tostada chips) + (RM24.95 x 1 triple play) = RM64.30 (incl taxes).
Divide by 5 persons, Each person only pays RM13 (approx).

Isn’t this a great savings plan?

14 thoughts on “Dining Can Be Inexpensive @ Chili’s Gurney, Penang”

  1. Ooh ooh, great plan indeed! I’ve always felt Chilis was too overpriced for what it was – and now, I get all Chilis faves – the tostada chips and the triple play. Now if only I can get the legendary mashed potatoes in the savings plan as well, it would be perfection!

  2. MEOW MEOW!!!
    But nice plan…and really smart too, you’re the strategist man…hahaha:)
    Meow….niao but good-saving and low cost plan in times of this economic crisis yeah~~

  3. Aiyo …. You not Ngiao enough ….. still 3 drinks ….. my side we tried 1 glass 3 straws ….. hahaha …. and 1 bucket unlimited tostada chips for the whole night ……… watch free football on their big screens some more ……

  4. 550ml jar of faith, in this economic crisis we have to think alternative and creative to earn living.

    Cariso, not cute ngiao, is lao ngiao.

    Christy, I am like kias pagi makan pagi. Tomolo got food or not still don’t know.

    AO, are you sure ok? later u are so paiseh to join me again 🙂

    Qi, I should get the Ngiao Normination Awards?

    Allie, that is right and bottomless soft drink also.

    Ken, if I am the king of ngiao, you will be god of ngiao. muahaha..

    Samyeap, you can go there during lunch time with 5 people, order 1 bottomless chips liao, 3 of you can go for movie and than come back than the other 2 take turn to go movie and come back for dinner together.

  5. EH siao eh ….. hang cheng boh ho you know …. you so lucky that Penang still got RM1 char bee hoon to the worst case ….. in KL RM1 you can’t even get a curry puff …..


    But I help boost national economy by dining for steaks with Daniel just now. Hahaha ….

  6. me n hubby have been to chilli’s 7 times in these 2 weeks… so crazy.. the food was perfect n i cant stop eating it until the last bite although the stomach is full already… hahaha.. i honestly seriously give Chilli’s 10star for everything.. the warmth and courtesy/hospitality of the crew, the food was enermous and free filling coke was great.. i brought all of my friends (including my hubby’s) to Chilli’s everytime they came here to hang out with us… best places ever.. try T.G.I vs Chilli’s vs Victoria Station. Ull share the same answer as mine.. i guess Chilli’s do bite.. hahaha…

  7. u cnt share your drinks and we cnt refill ur drinks.. after 3 rounds of refill u cn see anger face on the waiters!

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