Glow Hotel, Zest Bar Cafe – Show Your Gratitude on Father’s Day

The term “Father” is easier to pronounce than being one ourselves. Father will usually be the second one to be remembered in the family after mother. This is because traditionally mothers are usually the one who look after the kids, while fathers are working hard outside to be the bread winner of the family. Father’s day was not celebrated or made known at all until recent years it is celebrated on the third week of June.

As an appreciation and gratitude to all the fathers, Glow Hotel in Penang is treating Daddies to their decadent lunch menu during this coming Father’s Day from 11:30am to 5:00pm, 15th June 2014.


It is not hard to locate Glow Hotel. If you are at the center of Georgetown Penang, drive to Macalister Road. If your direction is heading to Pulau Tikus and Komtar is behind you, you will notice Menara UMNO is on your right. Keep driving for another 200 meters and you will see Glow Hotel is on your left.


Zest Bar and Cafe, is the dining area for Glow Hotel. The place is simple yet cozy.



For those looking for a light refreshment while seated by the pool side, there are some reclining chairs which you can relax and enjoy your refreshments.


If you are looking for a place for lunch meetings, the hotel does provide such facility for you as well.


Back to the main topic for today which is the Father’s Day Set Lunch Menu. It consists of a starter, a main course, a dessert and a selection of iced lemon tea, coffee or tea. For those who prefer Cappuccino or Latte rather than the regular coffee and tea,  you can always ask for a replacement without any surcharges. The price for the set is RM35 nett per pax


Grilled Prawn with Caviar Cream and Salad Roll, the prawns were grilled to perfection and topped with caviar cream. It was then supported by a thin slice of mango beneath and sided with honey mustard and sweet chili sauce.


The prawn tasted fresh and it blended very well together with the caviar cream. The greens also went really well with the honey mustard and sweet chili sauce. This dish not only looked well-presented, it tasted fabulous as well.


Main Course:

Yin & Yang Tenderloin, the steak was grilled to the specific requirement and it was then covered with black pepper and white sauce, hence the name yin and yang which means the contrast of black and white. The steak was based with sweet potato, asparagus and carrot sticks.


The chef managed to control the fire over the the steak really well. The steak was grilled based on customer’s requirement and the tenderness of the steak was just perfect. However, the black pepper sauce was too overwhelming where it covered the taste of the white sauce and also the original flavor of the steak. I would give this dish a perfect score if not of the black pepper sauce.


White Pan-Fried Fillet Seabass, the seabass fillet was topped with Thai-style salad and based with some potato wedges. It was then lightly surrounded with some white cream sauce and some Thai chili sauce.


Overall the fish tasted good. However, there is still room for improvement over the way the fish is grilled as the consistency of the heat control is not there.



Avocado Chocolate Trifle – There were 4 layers for this dessert. The 1st layer consisted of chocolate with pistachios, the 2nd layer was avocado then followed by another layer of chocolate and lastly cream.


The dessert provided a rich sensation. For those who are not sweet tooth or cream lover, this might not be your choice of dessert.



The varieties of drink are listed below:

Black Coffee, Tea or Iced Lemon Tea


Optionally you can request for Latte or Cappuccino to replace the regular coffee. All the drinks come with FREE FLOW.



Glow Signature Beef Burger RM22++, the homemade marinated beef patty was topped with cheese, lettuce, onion and based with some grilled tomato. The top and bottom of the bread were home baked. Serving together with the dish was potato wedges and sauce for dipping.


I love the beef patty as the marination was perfectly done and the method of grilling was also just nice.  However, RM22++ for a medium-sized burger is considered a little bit pricey. It would be perfect if the price is reduced slightly to a more reasonable level.


Glow Signature Chicken Club Sandwich RM18++, the sandwich was layered with fried egg, lettuce, chicken slices, cheese and tomato. Side dishes included potato wedges and honey mustard sauce.


I believe the sandwich would taste better if served hot. Too bad for us by the time that we tasted it was already turning cold. On a side note, the egg was slightly overcooked and the chicken slices were too dry.


Overall, some of the food here were good while some still need improvement. The display of the food was excellent. In terms of pricing, the Father’s Day set is worth trying as the price is reasonable. The problem here is the limited parking space near by the hotel.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:30am – 5:00pm  (15 June 2014, Father’s Day Promotion Only)
Contact: 04-226 0084
Address: 101, Macalister Road, 10400  Penang.
GPS: 5° 41′ 66.38″ N, 100° 32′ 29.52″ E

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