Kim White Curry Mee Review

Lately there is a wave of instant white curry noodle in the market. There are at least 6 brands that I am aware of.  One of the latest addition to the instant white curry noodle family is Kim Curry Mee.



Kim Curry Mee is another brand from Penang which is said to provide a traditional taste of Penang curry mee.


The seasoning powder for Kim Curry Noodle comes in 2 sachets rather than some other brands in the market that come in 3 sachets.


For those who love the feeling of having a similar bowl of the actual Penang White Curry Mee, you may add in long beans, fried bean curd, shrimps and some cockles.


Compare to some other brands, the Kim Curry Noodle soup was not as flavoring. The soup was more watery and the noodle was not as thick as others. However, it was slightly more spicy than others. Besides, there was a mild lemon grass essence within the soup. This made the curry noodle more appetizing.


Overall, the white curry instant noodle is meant for those who stay out of Penang and yet are craving for the taste of Penang White Curry. Of course the instant noodle will not be comparable with the actual bowl of Curry Mee that you get from hawker stalls.

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