1st day in Taipei – Lai Lai Soya Milk

After long tiring weeks of quota aiming and figure shooting, finally this quarter had finished off. With little luck, I had been arranged to visit our Taipei office for new quarter kick off.

20070501_00267First day arrived at this city, its 20070501_00268_1 8:30pm. After settled down we went out for supper. This time it’s Lai Lai Soya Milk, very traditional taiwanese shop.

This shop is a specialist on selling Soya milk. According to the local people here, this shop is very famous and localized.

20070501_00270 However, the taste of the Soya milk like over cooked. Still, our Taiwan Account Executive claimed this smell is normal.

Beside Soya milk, there are some other nice 20070501_00272_2 side dishes. Example, beef roll and Taiwan style omelet. They are very nice.

Img_1246 After these nice foods, do not forget to visit the giant fairy wheel at Miramar complex which a few minutes drive down the road. Although this wheel is not call “Eye of Taiwan” still it’s tall enough to cover half of the Taipei as sigh view.

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