Flaming Volcano Pizza @ Papa’s Cafe, Bali

One of the restaurants that you must visit in Bali is Papa’s Cafe. Papa’s Cafe is located on Legian beach, just 4.5 km from Denpasar International Airport, adjacent to Alam Kulkul hotel. Within walking distance to the main tourism/shopping precinct of Kuta, Padma, Legian Beach and Mandira hotels.

The ambience of this cafe is very cosy. However the restaurant is always full house and you need to wait to be seated.

Bintang Beer, small bottle at the price Rp. 27,000.  This is my drink for the night. Of course the taste of the beer is not as smooth as Heineken’s, however the price is much cheaper and is really suitable for budget traveller like me.

Loaf of bread that served as a starter. This is provided free of charge.

The bread is served with olive oil which is not my cup of tea. We are not used to not having butter so we specially requested butter to go with the bread. They gave us some french butter which is classical and yummy on the bread.

Every Tuesday till Sunday, from 7pm onwards, the sound of Live Acoustics starts playing for the whole night. You can enjoy your favourite meal while guitarist, violin, saxophone and talented singer escort you to the romantic moment.

The main attraction of the night is neither the ambience nor the live acoustics. Instead is the “Papa’s Volcano Pizza” (Rp. 115,000) that served in a semi-sphere shape and we were amazed by it. 

As soon as the volcano pizza was placed on our table, the waiteress immediately lighted the top of the pizza which burnt off the darkness and the romantic environment. This is what we called the “Flaming Volcano Pizza”.

The flame lasted for about 2 munites and which later the waitress removed the top “cover” of the pizza and presented the famed Papa’s Volcano Pizza.

The ingredients of this pizza include squids, prawn, tuna fish, anchovy & crabmeat. The pizza tasted like usual pizza and still has room for improvement. The bonus point goes to the flaming presentation of the pizza.

 The next is the Aussie Pizza (Rp.95,000) The ingredients are beef ham, onions, pineapples and mixed capsicums. Ironically, the pizza with impressive presentation and outlook does not taste as good as this one which looks just like a normal pizza but with a splendid taste.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Name: Papa’s Cafe
Address:  Jln Pantai Kuta, Legian Bali, Denpasar, 80361.
Contact: +62 361 755055/ 766376
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm (Operate Daily)

9 thoughts on “Flaming Volcano Pizza @ Papa’s Cafe, Bali”

  1. What fun atmosphere. I’m still wondering the point of the flaming volcano pizza. Was it just to warm it up? Did you eat the top crust? It was fun for the novelty of it that’s for sure.

  2. hey thanks for the heads up …. i’ll be finding info on Bali soon.

    so i guess this pizza joint’s a must-try? the volcanic effect may be a novelty idea, but hey! why not eh? since we can’t see this in Msia.

  3. Interesting concept… did you check on the taste on the burnt area of the crust? I’m curious to know what spirit they use on that. We can create and sell to Malaysians.. haha 😛

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