Finest Beef, Wagyu @ Tiffins, Parkroyal Hotel

It was a great experience for me during my first visit to Tiffins, Parkroyal Hotel Penang. It has been always an urge for me to visit for the second time due to the place offers high-quality food, classy ambience and excellent service. Of course all of these come with a price. I will only choose this place on special occasions.

The front view of the Tiffins Restaurant in Parkroyal Hotel, Penang which was taken on my first visit.

As usual, the starter is always served with choices of rolls, you can request for as many as possible.

As how the westerners like to eat, the rolls are served with olive oil. However this is not my cup of tea.

We ordered for some butter instead and that came in 3 flavours – broccoli, garlic and the original.

The house white wine that came as a complement to our Prestige membership.

The free flow of freshly-brewed coffee which was thick and aromatic.

Something unique about the coffee is that instead of using normal sugar, the sugar comes in “stick” form and in 2 colours – brown and white.

Another appetiser that was served to us was grilled chicken which was the same as my previous visit.

This time, there was a trio performing jazz songs in the restaurant. They even visited table by table for any special songs they can play personally for you. They are no normal bands as they have 40 years’ of experience playing jazz songs. Even the instruments they used such as double bass and, are not something we could find in modern bands.

My visit this time was not for the set dinner, I went for Wagyu beef instead.

Wagyu beef a.k.a Kobe Beef, is a culinary delicacy and considered to be the tastiest and most succulent meat in the world. Wagyu’s superior eating quality is due to its wonderful marbling, which gives the meat enchanced flavour and a tender texture, superb juiciness and a luxurious taste. Wagyu is expertly graded from 1 to 12 according to its marbling and 6 is considered the perfect balance between leanness and fat content. Tiffins restaurant serves wagyu beef with the grade of 6.

The Chairman’s Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, the beef comes with pocini, morel mushrooms and garlic mashed potato.

The second order was also another Chairman’s Wagyu Beef Tenderloin but with the side of fresh garden salad.

The texture of the meat is juicy and soft as the marble is well spreaded on the meat. For meat lovers, you should go for medium-rear to taste its softness as it melted in your mouth.

The sauce that we ordered were red wine and mushroom cream sauce, although the wagyu beef is already good enough to eat it on its own.

The whole meal cost us a whopping RM542.8. However with our  Parkroyal Prestige card and coupons, we only need to pay RM213.9 as we get 50% off the bill and also redeemed our RM100 credit coupon.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

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Family Friendly
Pork Free
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Credit Card
Private Room

16 thoughts on “Finest Beef, Wagyu @ Tiffins, Parkroyal Hotel”

  1. That’s a good piece of meat you got there. I usually like my steak with wine reduction coz it will make the beef somehow taste better. Or maybe psychology? lol ….. Accompany the steak with a pour of good wine.

  2. hi! a decadent treat, no less. 🙂
    had it not been the 50% discount, i’ll be seeing stars after the meal. LOL.

    btw wagyu’s slightly different from Kobe, IMO. KObe beef can only be gotten from Japan, born n bred there.

    Kobe beef’s the more expensive option, but there’s another type of well-marbled beef … Matsusaka or something ….

    for me? i like my beef rendang very much. heheheh …

  3. You are right, I suspect I had the US-bred wagyu, the cheaper version instead of the authentic Kobe wagyu. Cause is cheaper, else will cost me half of my salary.

  4. regina, you can get the card from me when you are in Penang, I am more than welcome to borrow the card as there will be complement on 8 times usage of the card for 1 free stay

  5. Brother,

    Next time remember to call me lah! I stay at Batu Ferringghi and so near.

    Wei! Don’t drown your wangyu in sauces, take it as it is. Wangyu and Kobe beef are different, one from Japan the other from Australia or somewhere the Japanese stupidly export the sperm to.

  6. Steven, mind to lend me your card? Planning a visit next week. It would be less painful with the 50% discount 😛 Thanks in advance.

  7. i will give it a try we are staying at parkroyal but i am sure the hawker stall will be just as good at 1/4 of the price. but i am sure my new wife enjoy at least one expencive meal thanks

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