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Do you know that besides buffet where else could  you get to choose from a wide array of dishes? Of course there is no other than Masakan Padang. Masakan Padang is a traditional Indonesian food. Padang in Indonesia is used to mention all sorts of cuisine originating from West Sumatra. Padang is also means “Field”, it also caters the meaning of large and widely spread. 

There are all types of Minangkabau cuisine although not many places in the city can get a nice Padang cuisine. Rumah makan Padang ACC is one of the chain restaurants in Indonesia that serves special Masakan Padang. 

For this particular branch of Masakan Padang in Bali, it is located very near to Denpasar Airport. The driving distance from the airport to this restaurant only takes 5 minutes.

On entering the restaurant, there will be a few waiters preparing dishes to serve you even though you haven’t started to order.

You must be curious why no orders have been taken but yet the waiters will know what you want. The reason is that they serve you everything and anything that are available in this restaurant. Each dish will be served in a small portion in separate small plates. Even though the serving of each dish is not much, you can see that the dishes have already occupied one big table.

There were about 20 over types of dishes which some of our friends were really shocked how on earth we could finish them off. As for me, I have already expected what would happen as I have learned on Discovery Channel about Masakan Padang before. A warning to those who haven’t tried Masakan Padang before – DO NOT all the dishes if you can’t finish them all, even if you have tried only one sip of the curry or one small portion of the veggie the whole plate will be counted to your bill. However, this is exceptional to those countable food such as fried chicken which they will only charge based on the pieces you have taken.

Deep fried potato cake, this particular cake is made of potatoes and corns. It is a very delicious dish and is suitable to those who likes salty food. They serve 2 cakes per plate and you can choose to take only one and they will charge you on that one piece only. 

As for the vegetables that are considered uncountable food, once tried whole plate will be considered sold. Like the potato leaves below, one of us have tried a single leaf of it but found it not tasty so we had to help him to finish the entire plate. 

For those that haven’t been to Indonesia before, Masakan Padang is a must-try food as it gives you a different dining experience. Personally, I find this dining style not so hygenic and systematic as they will serve those “untouched” food to the next customer. Who knows exactly if the food you have taken has been touched or contains saliva by the previous customer. 

Price wise, it will cost an average of RM10 (USD3) per pax for 4 plates of meat/chicken/fish and 4 plates of veggie.

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Food Presentation

Name:Masakan Padang ACC Minang
Address:  No 1, Jalan Raya Tuban, Kuta,  Bali.
Contact: +62 361 755568
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm (Operate Daily)

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  1. indeed …. the hygiene part may not be upkept. how to know if a customer (albeit an unscrupulous one) has tasted the curry withouth anyone noticing?

    hmm … they could’ve asked before placing them on the table?

    the potato+corn is bergedil?

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