Feeling Like Not Going Home?

Have you ever had any feeling like not going home before? Have you ever felt that going home is even worse than squatting by the roadside doing nothing?

For those who moved out from own house due to some misunderstanding and arguments with family members, most probably you will know what I am talking about. For those who are still living with family members surely there will be more or less some disagreement between you and your family members. If you have this problem, what will you do?

Recently I just had this problem. It’s between me and my mom. I used to worked in a multinational company. As usual, working in multinational company, the worries are about office politics and working extra hours so that your boss notices and acknowledges your hard work. Other than that you don’t have to worry about salary, expenses and rolling capital.

However, after I have come out to run my own business things have changed. I have to worry about my rolling capital, my expenses, sales margin, debtors terms and also human resource etc. My income is very much dependent on the above factors and now my life is like a chicken “kais pagi makan pagi” (in Malay meaning that earning how much on the day will be my income). Anyway, a lot of people do not realise that self employed is not as easy as they think. They always think that being an employer is better than an employee. This might be a wrong perception.

Recently I have faced problem over financial rolling issue and I have to delay the household payment to my parents. However, they don’t seem to understand my situation and keep saying that I had let go the opportunity of being an Enterprise Consultant in a Multinational company and now have to suffer over this unstable income. They have actually looked down on me with this job. They have actually demanded me to find a stable income job rather than running my own business.

I am now feeling very tired and stressed over this incident and I really feel like moving out of this house. If you are in my situation, will you move out or will you pretend that nothing has happend and keep staying in the house?

11 thoughts on “Feeling Like Not Going Home?”

  1. Yes. I understand you man! Although I’m not in the working realm yet. I’m still studying But at the same time I’m working on MLM! You see I do believe in multiple streams of income. But the odd is..my family don’t really support me doing so. But anyway, I’ll try my best. I know you are doing your best too. Hang on there buddy! You can do it!

  2. my brother went to singapore becoz he couldn’t tahan all the noises from family. Now he is doing great in MLM business in singapore.
    me & gf “force” ourselves to own a small unit at puchong, before this, everyone telling us “lu eh tahan bo?” we don’t care much actually, just go ahead doing it and the condo unit is going to ready in May.
    steven, in the road of success, its unevitable that we would meet some obstacles; but let’s stick to it, stick on your path & dream! We mentally support u!!!

  3. tekkaus, thanks for the understanding. I feel the same too. To me any business that can make money is a good business. I totally agree that MLM is a good business. I believe in you that you will make it to the top too.

    bb community, thanks for the support. I just don’t know what to do only. Want to come out like you to own a small unit or still staying back at home. Stay outside need more expenses, in another hand staying back will get the nagging. Damn. haiii…..

  4. Bro… .take it easy man…
    You know you did the right thing
    It’s just a small matter right…

  5. i know exactly how you feel. i have the same feeling but at different situation. maybe u should lay it down on the table and explain how u feel to them. don’t get too stress out. most successful business men don’t have family support at first i guess. stay positive.

  6. Employer vs Employee?
    Well, nothing different as both have to works, just employer has more responsibilities & have to works harder, but we work for our own good, is worth if we can make a success in a business;
    however an employee with the BEST performance + the stable income + allowance + incentive, they still never can earn more than the boss, and may gain nothing at the last!

  7. Sorry lah, Steven,
    Was just running through most of your blog post and read about this one.
    Just my 2 sen to add:
    In my young days we, in our late teens went for 1or 2 years to join the army at the age of 18, after high school. Afterwards returning home tolive was a no-no: we wanted our own lives with no mama looking over our shoulders. So we moved out to places that were much less comfortable than the former parents home but: we were proud to do so.
    Ok, I’m talking about the “young” generation of the 70ties here. (aka: mine).
    It all changed afterwards. A good friend of mine is still having his 32 year old son at home, although the young guy earns a number of $ that you and I would call “disgustingly-over-the-top”.
    I just wanted to share some thoughts about life with parents & Co.
    I’m sure all your private stuff got cleared out by now.

  8. Hi Jay-P, I am glad that you really go through most of my posts. Thanks for that. This is a good motivation for me to keep writing. Btw, thanks again for your concern. Everything now is back on track. Again, if you are coming to Penang, please do inform me. I am not going to email you the food guide. Infect, I am going to bring you around for some good food in Penang.

  9. Hi Steven,
    We will let you know when we return to Penang. I’m sure we’ll find a way to meet up and get together around some great food.
    We usually stay at my wife mom’s house in the Ayer Rajah lane neighbourhood. Way cheaper than the E&O!
    Maybe, just maybe we might even retire in Penang. My wife and I are seriously considering that option for a still far away future. In the mean time we satisfy ourselves with regular visiting trips.
    And keep writing about all those wonderful food place you and your freinds discover.

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