What A Tragic Lost To The World!

It’s a terrible and shocking news to the world. I was happily surfing and as usual I will visit a few usual website, Chanlilian.net, SlowChatupKuan, Merdurian, BB Community and last but not list KennySia.com.

However, the first page of Kenny Sia shown as below.

“My mom and I spoke to each other at length last night.

She was expressing her concerns that all these blogging is taking too much time away from me. Ultimately, I need to decide what is important in my life. And what is important right now is that I focus 100% on my career, spend time with the family, eventually finding a good wife, start a family and settle down.

It wasn’t the first time she had such a conversation with me. The only difference is that last time, I was adamant about keeping kennysia.com running. This time round, I am actually seriously thinking about quitting blogging altogether.”

What a shocking announcement! I’ve never thought that this will happen to Kenny Sia, I thought that his side income earned from blogging can actually overtake his main income and he got so many comments every day that can make him busier in his blog. Anyhow, I am wrong. It seems that Kenny Sia has come to an end, and he is now a legend.

No more eating snake in Vietnam, taking a photo with a topless tranny in Thailand, or even something as innocent as experience bringing a hamster to a restaurant. Is a lost to his fans and readers. Anyway, it takes a lot of courage for him to drop off his interest. I really respect him. Not sure when I will be the next to make such announcement.

Anyway, it’s just another April fool prank from Kenny Sia. CHISS~ 

6 thoughts on “What A Tragic Lost To The World!”

  1. haha..yeah..i’m the first to drop by!
    i read this post on tuesday too, not only him, a lot of bloggers wrote the same topic too, haha~
    wei, u cannot retire one o, u got so many fans around~

  2. Perhaps it’s just a belated April Fool Jokes? Ha =) time will let us see how true his claim. Will he be a legend? Not likely though. Let’s wait and see.

  3. I dont think Kenny can ever stop blogging – its his passion, and also his livelihood. Like a singer cant stop singing, or an actor cant stop acting. haha.

  4. i dont think kenny can ever stop blogging – its his passion & livelihood. just like a singer cant stop singing and an actor cant stop acting. what a joker haha 🙂

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