Still The Best Steak Of All Time @ Coliseum

It has been a while there are no update from the chamber of VIP bloggers. I have been meeting up the great full time blogger BB Community. I really give him my salute as he is so daring to quit his job as an IT administrator and has become a full-time blogger, this takes a very great courage.

SlowCatchupKuan, now has become a movie reviewer instead of a jukebox blogger. I still love her previous blogs that played music while I was working late at my customer’s place.

The Zaplang blogger, Merdurian is now in Brisbane. Previously addicted to DOTA, but now is out of the country to further her studies. Congratulations to Merdurian upon her studies.

BabyOnBoard – it has been a while since I heard from him? Not sure what is he up to now? 

For myself, I am still the same food blogger who is still finding ways to work out on internet marketing. I have met up with BB Community at Borders bookstore in Time Square KL last 2 weeks. Now he’s with hair :).  

After the meeting with BB community I have worked my way out to Coliseum Cafe and Hotel at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. I have been writing about this on my previous post, Jln T.A.R – Best Steak in town – Colisuem Cafe & Hotel. I have come back to it again as I feel that it is still the best compared to other steak houses. The outside of Coliseum Cafe & Hotel looks very old, it seems like a pre-war building.

The business hours for Coliseum cafe is from Monday – Friday 10:00am to 10:00pm. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday is from 9am to 10pm. For those who want to call for reservation the number is 03-26926270.

Today I tried out Sizzling Fillet Steak (Grilled), which is RM37.90. It is considered cheap for NZ-imported beef.

The next item that I tried out was the Grilled Tenderloin which is also RM37.90.

Bread and butter provided are not included in either one of the meals. When the captain asked us if we want to include bread and butter, we thought it came with the set, but it’s not. If you are not a big eater, please do not consider this as the bread and butter cost RM4 for 4 slices.

The salad came together with the Sizzling Steak. Nice, I just love the bowl as it really looks antique.

Preparation of the sizzling steak is done infront of you as the chef places the fresh steak to the hot pan. Remember to have your steak “Medium-cooked” as the tenderness of the steak will be just nice and also juicy. Please note that they don’t have “medium-rare”.

Smoke blown to your face. For ladies who want to do facial theraphy, order this meal and it comes for FREE.

The steak is being served freshl while the gravy is still sizzling on the hot plate.

The non-sizzling Grilled Tenderloin Steak, although the presentation is not as great as sizzling’s, the taste is in fact better. For those who enjoys steak the Grilled Tenderloin is a must-try as the outer layer is not as hard as sizzling steak. The overall steak is equally grilled.

Close-up shot on the Grilled Tenderloin steak.

The inner part of the steak. Juicy and soft, it really melts in your mouth. 

Captain Ho, one of the senior crews who has been serving in the restaurant for more then 5 decades. I believe he is as old as this building. By the way, he is not the only senior crew there. Most of the crew there are all senior citizens. The boss must be treating them very good and that’s why they can stay there for so long.

The door arch and also the floor area.

The certificate of authorisation to show that the beef are imported from New Zealand.

7 thoughts on “Still The Best Steak Of All Time @ Coliseum”

  1. hey steven, thanks for the picture ya~

    yalo, me also long time din update about our VIP blogging status liao….i shall spend sometime n it later~

    the steak u eat -> very nice!!! i’ll be visiting there soon!

    and…the prettiest blogger in the planet go far far away liao, sob sob~

  2. dude, I already put that on my previous post about the best steak in town and I still feel this is the best, so will follow the previous rating 🙂

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  4. Hi, can I ask something about Coliseum Cafe, since you went there for several times?

    Coliseum Cafe is still providing Caramel Custard Pudding as their favourite dessert?

    And, is there any recommended restaurant for Caramel Custard Pudding?

  5. Hi Ivan, that is a good question. So far I been there for their steak but not the caramel custard pudding. May be I will ask about that on my next trip.

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