Expensive Dinner @ Ribs, Barbeque Restaurant

There have been so much hypes about Ribs Barbeque Restaurant. Therefore, today we plan to book a table and try out the food there. 

The inside of this restaurant is not very spacious, the tables are arranged in 2 rows and this place can cater for 20 to 30 persons only. Anyway, while I am having my dinner and as usual taking the photo, I saw someone taking photo with her food as well. I think she must be another food blogger again. Anyhow, today is not about food blogger instead is about Ribs Barbeque Restaurant.

The environment of this place is not considered fine dinning. To me places for fine dinning are like 32 Mansion or 68 Kelawai. This is considered semi fine-dinning, somemore the dining music is not the usual classical or jazz, in fact it’s from MixFM radio. However, the prices of the food here are equally expensive as fine dining. The full set dinner is RM55 + 15%(Government tax and service charge) = RM63. It’s equally the same price as eating at 68 Kelawai. More over, 68 Kelawai provide semi-buffet style that you can always refill your appertiser or desert as you wish.   


Check out the menu given, it’s in a few sheets of bubble jet print-out paper and the price for the beverages… OMG! it’s made from gold. Coke / Coke Light – RM6 per can,  Ice Lemon Tea – RM7 per glass and House wine – RM13 per glass. The most expensive beverages I ever tasted, it’s even more expensive then buying on top of AirAsia flight.

Below is the mushroom soup that we have ordered. A taste-like Campbell brand mushroom soup with not even a single slice of fresh mushroom added and it’s not even a full bowl. Only provide a  small slice of garlic bread and the whole soup cost RM6.80. Ah…. another piece of gold!

Finally there comes my main dish, the barbeque ribs. So far, I find it the way this ribs are cooked is just nice, with juicy and delicious pork, I still enjoy this main course where RM28 for this still very reasonable. Anyhow the less perfect part is the barbeque sauce is not home made. Infact it’s the Lady’s Choice taste of usual barbeque sauce. 

This goes the same as barbeque chicken. The portion is worth the price, just that the sauce still need improvement.

Overall, the food here is still acceptable, just that the pricing is way too overpriced for middle-class consumers. Further more, the environment is designed for semi fine-dining only.

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4 thoughts on “Expensive Dinner @ Ribs, Barbeque Restaurant”

  1. wao..i’m the first to drop a comment here, yeah~
    the price is very expensive, i rather spend it on eating buffet, eat full full, eat non-stop, siok~
    steven, this post so early in monday morning o, hmmm, hungry liao~

  2. bb community, thanks for being the first one on comment. I agree on having buffet instead.

    vickie, if in KL this price is acceptable. However in Penang and with slices of paper as menu and such environment. I have the feeling a bit too much. If this price to serve in Kalawai 68 or 32 Mension that is consider resonable for the environment and food.

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