Experience Of Near Death In A Murder Case

It was nearly 7pm after I had completed installation of server at my customer site. The location is just opposite Hwang DBS behind Convent Light Street High School. When I walked to my car at the car park nearby, I saw there are a lot of policemen investigating near my car.

The first thing that come in to my mind, my car has gone.

Car Theft

Anyway, I try to calm myself down and walk to the policeman nearby to seek for answer. The answer given is a relief and surprise. Relief is because my car is still around and nothing happened to my car. Surprise is there is a murder case just 3 meters away from where I parked my car. 

According to the local newspaper, the murder case involved a civil lawyer and he was stabbed by a man. After the lawyer got stabbed, the man then took the blood-soaked knife and swung it towards his assistant, but luckily the assistant managed to avoid it.

Thank God I was not there at the moment.  I just can’t imagine what if I forgotton to bring my pen drive and I need to go to my car to get that during the installation and that time was 6:35pm. If so, I might not be writing this blog to you. 

Civil lawyer stabbed to death outside his office 

PENANG: A well-known civil lawyer died shortly after a man stabbed him on the back with a long knife in Green Hall. 

Datuk S.P. Annamalai (pic), 59, was walking back to his car with clerk S. Nalaaini, 20, when a man suddenly walked up from behind and stabbed him at 6.35pm yesterday.

Nalaaini, when met at Gleneagles Medical Centre (GMC), said the dark-complexioned man shouted as he stabbed Annamalai.  

“I was so stunned that I dropped the files I was carrying. The man then took the blood-soaked knife and swung it at me but missed. 

“My boss’ blood splattered all over my blouse. He also swung the knife at another lawyer who happened to be at the car park, but missed before fleeing on a motorcycle ridden by an accomplice,” she said. 


神秘刀客偷袭 名律师被杀

二零零七年十一月七日 凌晨十二时三十二分



7 thoughts on “Experience Of Near Death In A Murder Case”

  1. wow you’re so lucky! Luckily you’re not taking your thumbdrive in your car otherwise you REALLY not blogging here anymore, can’t read your post about food and your travel experiences.
    Your car will be posted on newspaper everywhere by today.
    So did any police interview you? Otherwise you’re going to become famous blogger already
    Luckily you’re safe

  2. Chingy, thanks for your concern. That’s a very scarry experience.

    Merdurian, u want me to become the first page of the local newspaper? 🙁 No problem, if I got any issue. I will write a wills to divert 50% of my blog traffic to your site.

    Internet Marketing, thanks for the correction. I just changed my blog title.

    bb community and slowcatchupkuan, ya… every day when we flip open the newspaper we can see a lot of blood.

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