Dating Site: How To Date A Girl

When I look at you, my heart beat become faster
I am not an introverted person
I have thought of knowing you
But I don’t know how to start
I know you study next to my class
I know you have boy friend
But that’s ok
I am willing to wait
I can wait until your boy friend die
I don’t mind you are old
Because I am not new too
If you want to try me
Wait me at the school tonight
I will get ready
You don’t need to bring anything
But you have to take a bus here
That’s all. See you tonight

5 thoughts on “Dating Site: How To Date A Girl”

  1. hey! it sounds more like in Steven’s dream than that guy…hehehe. Poor guy, must be tough practising Steven’s lines! LOL!

  2. Limauu, don’t laugh. Do you have boyfriend yet? Later a guy propose to you in such way then you know.

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