One Of The Penang Best Banana Leaf Char Koay Teow

When people ask what’s is the famous food in Penang? One of the items other than Penang Laksa will be Penang Char Koay Teow. Usually for a Penangite to order Char Koay Teow is very rare. It’s like asking an Ampang guy to order Yong Tao Foo. Anyway, this Char Koay Teow is very different. It’s considered one of the classic types.

The location of the place is at Batu Maung, where the front junction is OCBC Bank, Once turn in until you see Pretty Good Cafe, move until further down where you can see two rows of flats and the stall is by the roadside.

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The stall name is called “Kwang Ming”(光明) Penang Banana Leaf Char Koay Tiao. The reason why I said it is classic is because the char koay teow from this stall is still served with banana leaf. A lot of stalls nowadays don’t practise that anymore.

This stall is owned by Mr. Heng and he has been here for more than 5 years. The operation hour of the stall is from 2pm – 7pm which is teatime. The off day for this stall is on Tuesday.

If you are planning to call for order or you are not sure of the location, you can call Mr. Heng (the owner) 016-455 6515 anytime. Of course don’t call him at midnight. This is not 24 x 7 support.

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If you still not sure where is the location, check out the signboard of Sin Kim Hang Restaurant which is famous for seafood. The stall is just located in front of this restaurant.

There are cocks running around. Not sure will he be served in our meal as well later?

Alright, this is the one that I am talking about. The fried koay teow is just nice where it’s not too raw or over cooked. The chili added some mild spiciness to the dish. Serving on top of it are prawns, bean sprout and Chinese sausages. Lastly a banana leaf supported by a plate is used to lay the Char Koay Teow. Not only it looks nice but tastes delicious as well.

To our surprise, after the meal, there is a local ice cream man just passed by. This ice cream man who sells ice cream on a metal icebox on a motorbike is a classical of Penang. Now we hardly see them on the road.

Preparation on classical con ice cream. Look at his facial expression, (are you sure you want to take my photo?)

There you go, the typical ice cream that we used to have during school time.

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  1. bb community, I wonder is there any english sausage been added to char koay teow before? seen there are duck egg added to char koay teow at certain stalls?

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