Ipoh Style Curry Mee That Best In KL, Ming Tian Food Court

This is the place I went during my KL trip. My friend bought me to try out the best spicy food, ipoh style curry mee located at Taman Megah, the name of the food court is called “Ming Tien”. I am still tracking down the GPS location over Wikimapia, no luck. Whoever knows the coordinate, please email or comment on my post.

 The curry stall is just at your left hand side as you enter from the main entrance. The stall is very easy to be spotted as it combines 2 stalls into one. 

The style of curry mee is cooked in Ipoh-style and therefore, it’s very special and unique compared to the rest.

These are the drinks we ordered and the middle fruit juice is the apple juice. This is just the mini size only. Imagine if we ordered the jumbo size, we will be peeing all the way back to Penang.

At the same time we waited for our food, I found out that there is a Wan Tan Mee stall still celebrating Halloween at this moment. Check out the wording on the stall sign board, I wasn’t dare enough to order anything from that stall. Was afraid that there may be “Vampire Chicken Blood Wan Tan Mee” or “Dracula Raw Pork Heart Sui Kao Tong”?

Pork Meat Ball, this dish was ordered by my friend and the taste is very nice. The tenderness of the meat is just nice and the soup is not too salty.

Close-up shot on the meat ball soup.

This is the curry mee that I have been talking about. The curry is very different from Penang style Curry Mee. Back in Penang the spiciness of the soup is very mild and usually the taste is very much depend on the extra “chili sauce” that makes up the Curry Mee. However, you won’t see any extra “chili sauce” here.

The taste of this curry mee is something like putting curry chicken from the stall of economic rice in to a bowl of noodle instead. Whereas in Penang the soup of the curry mee will never be the same taste as the one we are eating at economic rice stall.

Close-up shot on the Ipoh Style Curry Mee.

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9 thoughts on “Ipoh Style Curry Mee That Best In KL, Ming Tian Food Court”

  1. I have never been to Ming Tian Foodcourt. Do you have the address? My favorite restaurant had been Kelana Jaya Seafood Restaurant which I never paid the bill (mostly company treats). I would like to try the curry mee when I’m around PJ.

    You lucky guys can find nice hawker food everywhere. I have to drive 3 hours roundtrip to buy the ingredients, make the paste, freeze it and make my own hawker food.

  2. bb community, you know this famous curry mee too? I like the taste as well. Infact I was enjoying while sweating at the same time.

    Jesie, I am looking for the GPS location as well. Cause I just follow other people car there. Btw, you know how to cook? I think next time can cook and let us taste your own hawker food. 🙂

  3. Steven,
    Hahaha, I’m not telling you about my cooking. But I think cannot compare with those who do it for a living. Come over to Penang in 11 months time, you will have home-cooked Thai and M’sian food.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you to be picked up from my blog. Congrats and Happy Valentine.

  4. Hi steven
    Ming tien food court is located in Taman megah, PJ and not in Kelana Jaya. I know you think it is in Kelana as the road is straight and long. This stretch of road starts from Kelana Jaya and ends in SS2 PJ.

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