Tee Nya Kuih

Working swing shift (afternoon shift) is a plesent week. After all, I can wake up late and no need to rush for work. The best part is I can still able to go downtown to try out the delicious food first before going to work.

Introduction of the day, “Tee Nya Kuih” at Swatow Lane. This is anTee_nya5_1 unique kuih that we can’t simply get it anywhere else. This is one of the stalls that sell traditional delicios Tee Nya Kuih.

Tee_nya2_1 However, the stall only operate from lunch hour until 6pm. If you really want try this kuih, I suggest to go before 3pm. There are a few imitations that sell Tee Nya Kuih too, so remember to look carefully don’t get the wrong one as I find out that this stall is still the best.

I still remember the last time. I ate Tee Nya Kuih was during myTee_nya1_1 childhood, and I can hardly remember the taste. This Kuih actually made from flour and mixing with liquid brown sugar, it tastes like “Kee Chang”(sweet type of dumpling. Therefore, if you want to try out something different and traditional, don’t forget Sowtaw Lane “Tee Nya Kuih”.

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