Ending 2008 with unutilised FREE voucher @ Island Red Cafe

It was the last day of 2008, many people would have planned for the countdown celebration a few days ahead.


Some even planned for a long holiday getaway at this period. No matter what planning and preparation that you had, Steven Goh would like to wish you a Happy 2009 and may you have a great success ahead over this new year.


As for myself, due to the economic crisis and recession period I prefer to dine at somewhere cheap and economic. That was why I thought of Island Red Cafe.

I had once visited Island Red Cafe at Crystal Park a few months back and my impression to this cafe was ok and moderate. However this time, I was a bit disappointed with the visit. 

I was given a RM5 discount voucher to dine at Island Red Cafe from my friend as he is one of the shareholders. The terms and conditions of the voucher was written on the voucher:

  • Valid for dine-in only
  • Present voucher before payment
  • Not valid with other promotion
  • Voucher not exchangeable for cash
  • Valid for a single receipt
  • Valid until 31 DEC 2008.


I have fulfilled all the requirements above as I was there for dine-in, presented voucher before payment, not ordering with other promotions, paid with single receipt, did not exchange the voucher for money and the date was 31st December 2008. 


However, when came to payment time the cashier told me that the voucher is not valid anymore, the reason given was they didn’t accept the voucher in KL since the day before which was on 30th December 2008. My questions are:

  • Validation was until 31 Dec 2008 but why did they cut off so soon?
  • If they were not accepting this voucher anymore why wasn’t there any notice around the cafe to inform the customers?
  • On the voucher’s terms and conditions why wasn’t there any condition stated like this “The company reserves the right to withdraw this promotion without any prior notice.” ?

In the end I still need to pay RM7.85 instead of RM2.85.  Although I was given a 15% off the bill as a compensation, I sincerely hope that they will improve their process and services further by informing the customers ahead of changes, else there will be even more disappointed customers. 🙁


13 thoughts on “Ending 2008 with unutilised FREE voucher @ Island Red Cafe”

  1. Well, you have to be extra careful during this depressing period of time as not only them but many which I had visited in 2008, would just cancel any free vouchers without any notice. It’s a lesson learned though.. better ask about the validity of any vouchers before ordering your food. Luckily the amount was not much. 😛


  2. I have not dine in Island Red before so not much comment on their service.
    Throughout my experience in other restaurant or hawker centre, once I disappointed on the service, I will not step in for 2nd time.

  3. walao eh, so bad la, macam tipu orang nia~

    nvm nvm, luckily u write it out, let others know about it!

    besides, to show your “power in food blogging world”, i’ve promote u once again, haha~

  4. Jason, hopefully they will improve their service soon.

    Criz, thanks for your advise. I should have check with them before makan.

    Little inbox, I will be almost the same as u, if no good usually no go for 2nd times.

    Food Paradise, some of the food are ok 1.

    BB Community, you are rite, the power of internet.

  5. I went to IRC Pulau Tikus outlet last night. My experience few months ago was bad when it was newly opened. The food took 45 minutes to serve and the porridge tasted pretty bad.

    However, to my surprise, last night our experience at Pulau Tikus outlet was great. The service has improved tremendously and the food we order, Koay Teow Th’ng soup, Nasi Lemak, Island Red Coffee and pineapple juice were good too. The waiter was very attentive and friendly.

    It’s a good thing that they did something to improve after hearing so much customer complaints. The staff told me the management has sent them for training, I guess that explains. 🙂

    Business over there was pretty good too, most of the tables were filled when we went past dinner time.

  6. Our experience with IRC Pulau Tikus outlet was pretty bad when it was newly opened few months ago. Food took 45 minutes to serve and the porridge tasted bad. After hearing that their management has taken the customer feedback seriously, we decided to give it another chance.

    When we went there last night, it was a total surprise. The food at Pulau Tikus brand was served in 10 minutes and tasted good too. The staff was very attentive and friendly. They told me that they were trained, I guess that explains it!

  7. Chea Hoy, I am sorry to hear that. It also not giving me any good experience on my last visit. I heard that the owner of IRC had already changed person, Not sure is it because of this, their service and food had also changed.

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