International Dining @ 3rd Food Bloggers Gathering

Who says food bloggers only know how to eat and criticise? If you think so then think again as this doesn’t apply to Penang Food Bloggers. In fact during the 3rd Food Bloggers Gathering @ Tanjung Bungah we had potluck with International Food as the theme.

Most of the bloggers were busy arranging their food on the table.

Criz, the “catman” was posing with his ultimate dish.

Lilian Chan was preparing the toppings for her focaccia.

Jason is barbecuing the HUGE German Sausage.

We had our door gifts with compliments from Criz as he launched his new domain on

All the food prepared by the bloggers were nicely laid on the table with each dish able to cater for more than 13 people. Everyone must have thought the amount of people attending and hence making sure that the food was enough to cater for 13 people. But there were more than enough of food and each of us get to take home some of it. Is like the Cantonese saying “eat and take at the same time”.

Lilian Chan – The Italiano appetiser Smoked Salmon Tapas with Herb/Cheese Focaccia. It was a fresh and unique finger food. The combination of the foccacia and the smoked salmon were excellent and it really made me go for 2nd and 3rd round.

CK Lam – Japanese Starter, each sushi was fully stuffed healthy and tasty ingredients. There were 4 different types of sushi and I managed to taste 3 of them.

Criz Lai – Oriental + Western four season dish (Nutmeg Cherry Tomatoes / Spicy Chicken & Abalone Salad / Jack Fruit Pork Strips / Fragrant Sambal Prawns). This really reminds me of the first dish that we usually had on wedding dinners. The garnish plus the taste of this unique East Meets West combination is really excellent! I wonder will he cook for my wedding dinner next time?

Steven Goh – Kimchi Fried Rice. Let me share with you the some secret behind it. The kimchi, chicken meat and the prawns were marinated since the start of the day. I think most of the food bloggers didn’t taste out that there were eggs added into the fried rice. The eggs were beaten and slowly poured into the fried rice and at the same time stirring the rice to make sure that the eggs are well blended and not visible. In Chinese it is called “金包银”. I really fried until sweat, I am not sure it got drip inside the rice :p

550ml Jar of Faith – Hakka Dish (Stir Fry Sohn Pan Tzai – Abacus Beads). This particular dish is cooked with yam and tapioca flour. It is really something new for me as I haven’t really tried out Hakka dish other than “Hakka Noodle” and “Lui Char”. All the while I met Min @ 550ml Jar of Faith over the blog comments only. It was a great pleasure that I get to met her for the first time in person at this gathering.

Ken Chan – who contributed most of the meat. Cantonese Style Spicy & Sour Pork Ribs / Fresh German Sausages / Roasted Stuffed Chicken. Anyway, I love the Cantonese Style Spicy & Sour Pork Ribs mainly because of 2 reasons. 1) The ribs were really well cooked until soft and melted in your mouth together with the refreshing sour soup is really unbeatable. 2) This dish is prepared by Ken himself.

Jason & Gill – Cheese Fondue with Baguettes / Salsa Salad / Lemonade with Pomegranates. The Cheese Fondue is so yummy which has a mixture of 3 types of cheese and Irish alcohol. The taste of the cheese is nice just that the alcohol taste is a bit strong. I wonder how would it taste like if the alcohol is substituted with red wine? Other than this great cheese fondue, I need to extend my gratitude to them as they generously hosted this 3rd food bloggers gathering and let us mess up their place.

Lingzie – Lemon Pie / Cheesecake Brownies. Both delicious desserts were made by Lingzie herself with a contrary taste from one to another. The Lemon Pie has a soury flavour compared to the brownies which is rich in chocolate. However, for me to choose between these 2 I will go for the Lemon Pie as it is appetizing with the sour taste of lemon on the base of digestive biscuits. According to Lingzie there were some mistakes on the lemon pie and it did not turn out as it should be, to me it is still as good as it is.

Allen Ooi – Mashed potato, according to Allen he took a lot of time to prepare this mashed potato. I feel that the mashed potato is a bit lack of saltiness. There is still room for improvement. I feel that he can do better if he is not sick on that day.

The Nomad Gourmand – Vietnamese dragon fruit / Australian mangoes / Malaysian yellow watermelon / Thai wax apple (jambu air). It is a combination of all International fruits. I still can’t forget the taste of the Australian mangoes as this is not the fruit that we used to have daily. By the way, nice to meet you, Rebecca.

It is a great and fruitful gathering. I went back not only with stomach-full but also handful of gifts and take-aways. Again, I am looking forward to the next meet up again.

18 thoughts on “International Dining @ 3rd Food Bloggers Gathering”

  1. i really didn’t taste the egg in your fried rice! usually i tend to stay away from carbs/rice during ‘buffets’ cos get too full too fast. but this time i really kenot stay away from your kimchi fried rice. i think i had 3 helpings!! lol

  2. Your kimchi fried rice are good and spicy enough up to my liking …. if only we got a heat up stone which we can constantly keep it warm like how they serve in Korean restaurant …. then it is perfect ….. 100% Korean feel … 😉

  3. Great to have met you and everyone else too! I think this is the first time I’ve ever been in such fine, easy-going company of fellow bloggers who are genuinely crazy about food! Can’t wait for the next one! And your kimchi fried rice rocks, btw! Better than the ones I’ve tasted at Korean joints! 🙂

  4. Wahh, i missed out all the fun and food!!! T_T
    So sad….. You Penang Floggers are really happening and so much fun! Steven, you can cook too?? That’s impressive! You should post up more of your own cooked food mah…. Sharing is caring…. Recipe pls? Hehehehe

  5. i didn’t miss the gathering but i missed most of the food, including yours! felt sorry for not tasting your food. but it is better for me taking it and vomiting out, right? 🙂

  6. i gasak almost half portion of your kimchi rice, so you how much i like your kimchi rice la? haha. that’s what i’m wonder how you make the rice did not stick to each other. good skill!

    anyway, the “irish alcohol” is call “Kirsh”. perhaps have the chance let you all try the DIY mixed cheeses version with white wine next time…hee

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