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After many posts about lifestyle, now I am back with food blogging. Food blogging is still my favourite, and this post is about one of the unique and special curry mee in Penang. If you ever drop by near industrial park Bayan Lepas, remember to stop by at this food court for a bowl of curry mee.

Eventually, there are other famous food here too such as Laksa. However today I will be focusing more on curry mee as this is something new and creative.

The GPS location on Wikimapia: 

The name of this shop is called BB Food Court, I am not sure BB Community or BB_On_BoArd has share on this shop. BB Food Court is located behind Sunshine Square Bayan Baru. 

You can easily located this spicy curry mee stall, it is only located infront of the food court. There are a lot of options for this used to be simple curry mee. There are “Pai Kuat” (Pork Ribs) Curry Mee, “Jiu Hu” (Squid) Curry Mee or “Cha Sao” (BBQ Pork) Curry mee. On top of these options you can have a choice of curry mee soup, dry curry mee or even semi-dry curry mee. 

This is the usual soup type of curry mee. The taste is very nice is not the usual curry mee, this stall has “traditional secret recepie” in their cooking.

This is the semi-dry curry mee, the taste of this curry mee is actually a bit like Sarawak laksa. The paste of the curry mee is thicker compared to soup curry mee and you hardly get to try this from other place.

You definitely must come to this place to taste a different type of curry mee.
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18 thoughts on “Very Special Curry Noodle – BB Food Court”

  1. I realize Penang can found curry mee everywhere, where I found curry noodle is very common food in Penang but Penang just lack of delicious prawn noodle.. I tried Jalan Burma’s Prawn Noodle but for me that 1 not really delicious.

  2. u probably think i am just politely commenting but i really miss the Choong Nam theatre thereabouts in Air Itam curry mee. havent had it in ages 🙁 no transport when i am in Penang. Do you know that the Pulau Tikus market is also worth a visit in the mornings especially the coffee shops…not the hawker stalls

  3. BB_On_BoArd, instead of bringing a expired or non-fresh curry mee down from PG to KL, why not you come to PG and let me buy you a double sized supreme curry mee?

  4. BengBeng, I like the AirItam curry mee that the aunty squad beside the bridge 1, that is the classic. However, the pulau tikus 1 I need to arrange for a trip to try out 🙂

  5. aiks what to do I just follow my sister go Penang only. My sister’s bf was from Penang. So I went there to find some food to fulfill my stomach hehe
    Why don’t call prawn mee? I thought Hokkien mee is something related to 大炒?? those

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