Healthy and Delicious Dining with Discount Voucher @ Young Heart Restaurant, Pulau Tikus

It has been a while since I visited Young Heart Restaurant. My last visit was few months back and now we were honoured to be invited again for a treat and I will also be giving my readers FREE discount voucher. This voucher is in the middle of this post, you will need to finish this article in order to get that. Thanks to Miss. Kee the owner of Young Heart Restaurant for the arrangement.

As highlighted on my previous post, this place serves healthy food at a quiet and peaceful ambience. In fact, to prepare healthy food while still maintains the tastiness is not easy. For those who are concerned about their health and diet, this is the place to be. According to Miss Kee, every dish, dessert and drinks prepared at Young Heart has not been added with any single white sugar and MSG. All the dishes are also low in calories and salt.

After a day of rush, cool down your body and soul with the (M15) 雙花蘋果茶 Rosehip, Hibiscus, Green Apple – Natural Flower Tea (RM9.50). This tea is freshly custom-made to keep the freshness and also the aroma of the tea.

After the refreshing natural flower tea, you can also have a cup of (P08) 人參烏龍茶 Ginseng Oolong Tea (RM15.00). This drink will boost up your energy and endure you to go further for the main course and desserts.

The ingredients that are used to mix for the natural flower tea.

After a sip of refreshment tea, we can start the meal set with (C01) 贴心滋补靚湯 Soup of the Day (Lotus Roots & Peanuts Soup – M-RM6.00 / L-RM9.00). Soup of the day is like the box of chocolate, you will never know what do they serve for today’s soup. The reason the owner is making the soup a surprise is that each of the ingredients that are used to cook this soup are fresh therefore the items are sorted out daily.

Fresh peanuts from Ipoh which have not been baked and are part of the lotus soup ingredients.

These are the different sizes of the soup. The one behind is actually the big bowl while the one in front with the iron spoon is the medium-sized bowl.

(D23) 蝦仁炸餃  Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling 4pcs (RM6.00). This dumpling is very special, it actually used fresh prawns, water chesnuts and some flour as filling. They were smooth and delicious.

The dumpling goes well with the custom mixed chili sauce.

(F01) 爱心金瓜炒饭 Hearty Pumpkin Fried Rice (RM7.80). This is a specially designed heart-shaped fried rice and couples may love this. The fried rice had a strong pan-fried smell and the main ingredient on the rice was pumpkin. Other than that it also came with 2 pieces of chicken wings and a small plate of fried vegetables. Again for the type of vege it very depends of the availability of the market. For those couple who feel the heart shaped fried rice are too nice to be eaten, you can always make it to another shape first, example cow or chicken.

Next to come is (C13G)龙须菜炒燒鴨肉  Stir Fry Choyote Leafs with Roast Duck Meat (M-RM5.00+ RM4.00) (L-RM8.00 + RM4.00), Choyote fruit is also known as (佛手) and is a well known melon among the locals. I prefer this dish to be stir-fried alone rather than adding the roast duck slices as it was too overwhelming.

For those who scrolled directly down to my post thinking that the free voucher will be there, sorry that was not my style. For those who read patiently until here, thanks for the support and please keep reading.

You can click on the voucher below to enlarge it and print it out. Bring this voucher along and show it to the cashier when you pay.


(F11) 3+1杯雞麵   3+1 Cup Chicken Noodle (RM7.80+RM1.00). The common 3 cup chicken that we usually tried in other restaurants is cooked in soy sauce, Chinese wine and sesame oil. However, Miss Kee has added her own recipe by adding 1 more cup with is the Bird’s eye chili sause (chili padi sauce). The taste is excitingly delicious, not too spicy but is very exciting.

(F02) 莲藕腊肠炒饭 Lotus Root & Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (RM8.80). As usual the rice had the strong pan-fried smell. The difference is instead of cabbage, beans and prawn you can see from the usual fried rice, this was served with Chinese sausages and lotus root, which was healthier and special.

(C42) 豉油王煎三文魚頭 Pan Fried Salmon Head (RM15.00), there is nothing much special about this dish, as most of us already know the taste of salmon fish. The only thing that I would want to emphasise is the meat of the fish was very fresh. The owner bought this fish fresh from the wet market rather than from the hypermarket’s freezers.

(C25) 梅菜雞 Pickled Cabbage Stuff Chicken (Whole Chicken-RM28.00). This dish was very special where the recipe is a mixture of 2 different types of pickled cabbage, the salted one and also the sweet one. Both pickled cabbage was stuffed into the chicken and marinated with their homemade secret gravy. It was succulent and delicious. The only drawback is that the sweet pickled cabbage tasted slightly too sweet. For those who plan to order this dish, you will need to call in one day ahead to pre-book as they need to buy the fresh chicken from the wet market.

(C25) 狗仔鸭 Braised Duck with Special Bean Paste (Half-RM20.00 / Whole-RM38.00). The Chinese name of this dish is known as Doggie Duck. The reason of this name to be so is the ingredients used to cook this duck was used to cook dog meat in the olden days. After the law has been enforced not to simply kill dogs, duck meat is used as a substitute. Anyway, this is not my cup of tea, partially due to the food name is related dogs where I am a dog lover and secondly I find the ingredient slightly similar to the 3 cups chicken.

(C34) 炭煮猪手醋  Braised Sweet & Sour Black Trotter (M-RM9.00 / L-RM16.00). Nicely braised trotter which was soft. It made me think of my mum’s cooking as one of my mum’s expertise is braised sweet and sour black trotter.

(L03) 花香馬蹄糕 Old School Pan Fried Water Chestnut Cake – 4pcs (RM5.00). This really gave me the classic taste, as the ingredients were cooked with Osmanthus and water chestnut. They actually made it into to jelly form and pan-fried it. The aroma was great while the taste was smooth. It actually blended well with a drip of lemon juice.

(R35) 蜂蜜檸檬海椰 Honey Lemon Sea Coconut (RM6.00). It was a well-mixed drink. I personally like this drink as the mixture of lemon with honey and sea coconut really makes the taste fermented. It is like drinking alcohol which doesn’t contain alcohol.

(Q07)黃金豆漿 Pumpkin, Soya Bean Milk (RM6.00). Rich and tasty drink, for those who are on diet and plan to skip your meal, you can any order this any time to make your day as a glass of this will make you full for half of the day.

(Q09) 無間道 Banana, Black Sesame, Soya Bean Milk (RM6.80). Similar to pumpkin soya bean, the name is called 無間道 due to it is grey in colour and it is like in between the good and the bad, the white and the black.

(R24) 香草綜合莓果 Mixed Berry Vanilla – Ice Blended (RM6.00). It has a kinda very strong mixed berry taste. I am not very fancy about this as it makes me feel like drinking cough syrup.

(L01) 芒果花園 Mango Puree & Sago Pudding – Dessert (RM4.50). One of the desserts for those with diabetes and high cholesterol. This dessert has not been added with even a pinch of sugar. The sweetness of this dessert is from the mango and also from the dragon fruit itself. I love this dessert a lot.

Overall, the food and ambience are very delightful. For those that concern about their health and diet, this is the place that you don’t want to miss.

Family Friendly
Pork Free
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Private Room

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Operation hours: 12:00noon – 10pm (Close On Monday)
Contact:04-228 8084 / 016410 8098 (Miss Ann Kee)
Address:No 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Georgetown Penang.
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