Coffee On The Table, Beach Street – Still Serving the Best 3D Art Coffee

For those who had read my post previously, you should know there is a place in town that serves beverages with 3D coffee art. The name of that cafe is called 55 Cafe Atelier. The uniqueness of this place is to serve coffee with the art of foam in different types of presentation. For those who are looking for this place, it has now been moved to Beach Street and has just newly launched since last Saturday.


The cafe is now known as “Coffee On The Table”. The company that owns this cafe is “The Dine Mansion”. It is not hard to locate this place. If you are driving from Penang Bridge towards Esplanade via Lebuh Pantai, this road is a one way street and you will arrive at the traffic junction of Lebuh Chulia. On your right you will see the Fire Station (Bomba). Drive straight for another 20 meters and you will see “Coffee On The Table” on your left.


The entrance of the cafe gave a semi-retro feeling. One side of it felt like the place was in the olden day whereas the other side was like a modern cafe.


The cafe is divided into 2 sections. The front section of the cafe is situated closer to the road whereas the inner section is more secluded.


The corner of the cafe which looks very retro and nostalgic with gramophones and classical telephone .


“The Dine” printed on the  serviettes is actually referring to the company of “Coffee On The Table”.


To have your cuppa topped with 3D art, there will be an additional charge of RM3:

Cafe Latte – RM15


The hippo was enjoying his coffee bath in my cup of latte.


Caramel Latte – RM15


This one looked more like a bear to me.


Chocolate Milk – RM12


Any drinks which are served with milk will be able to top with 3D coffee art. For this one it was a cat.


Iced Chocolate Milk – RM10


At this moment, 3D Art is not available for cold drinks yet.


Gambas Aljillo – RM19, Prawn with Caramelized Garlic Olive Oil and Dried Chili. Served together with some breads.


The taste of the prawns was very fresh and the taste mixed well with all the other ingredients. The only drawback was the portion of this tapas was not enough where I was just about to start enjoying the meal, my bowl was already empty.



BBQ Chicken – RM18, boneless Chicken Chop marinated with homemade BBQ sauce, grilled to perfection and served with green salad.


The BBQ chicken was well marinated and it was served together with olive oil and also some green salad which made a good combination.


Overall, the uniqueness of this place is on the 3D coffee art. The food is acceptable. The drawback of this place is the coffee served here tasted average and the price is on the high side. If you are here during weekdays, it will be very hard to get parking.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Price (more stars, more reasonable)
Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:00am – 11:30pm (Close on Monday)
Contact: 604-262 2611
Address: 164, Lebuh Pantai, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5° 41′ 57.86″ N, 100° 33′ 99.39″ E


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