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It has always been in my mind that healthy food will not be delicious, or delicious food is always not healthy. Never did it come across my mind that delicious and healthy  can make a great couple. My mom has always warned me not to drink too much of the soup when dining outside as they contain high levels of MSG, unless you wish to have more hair falls. Now I can tell my mum with relief that there won’t be such a problem anymore if we dine at Idealite Wellness Restaurant.

The idea of Idealite came from a healthy dining concept with a mind of preserving the tastiness of food. For those who are strictly vegans, you might request for your food to exclude eggs as some dishes contain egg. The serving of the food here does not contain any MSG, synthetic coloring or preservatives.


There are currently 3 outlets of Idealite Restaurants in Penang. The Gurney Plaza Branch, Queensbay Mall Branch and also Gottlieb Road Branch. It is not hard to trace if you are visiting these malls or even if you are heading for the Gottlieb Road Branch.


Hokkaido Vege Sushi – RM9.70, the rice rolls with aromatic seaweed stuffing  which were soft to the taste. Containing burdock, purple cabbage and a plethora of vegetables. It was then completed with a syrup topping.


For this dish, the pack of vegetables was nice and it was also covered with a scent of sesame seeds. However, the taste of the syrup has overwhelmed the taste of the sushi. If the amount of syrup was lesser or served separately, I believe the taste will be much better.


Japanese Golden Dumpling x 4 – RM10.70, These crispy dumplings had a solid texture and were moist on the inside. The dumplings were wrapped with natural veggie and part of the ingredients was made of pumpkin.


The crispiness of the skin on the outside and the softness of the inner fillings really made this dumpling unique and unforgettable.


Nyonya Rendang Hericium Chee Cheong Fun – RM13.70. The nyonya rendang curry mixed very well with the chewy chee cheong fun. It was also served with deep fried bean curds, long beans, yam bean, and bean sprouts.


The base of the rendang had a refreshing scent of lemon grass and it blended well with the pumpkin and curry base . This is one of the dishes that I will be coming back for.


Japanese Hericium Salad – RM17.70, the salad came with a mixture of deep fried mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, carrot slices and lettuce. Upon that the serving also came with their homemade salad sauce.


The taste of the salad was simply delectable and it was fully infused with healthy and nutritious concept.


Provence Tempura Mushroom – RM10.70, the mushrooms were cut into cube size and dipped with tempura coating and Provencal spices. They were then deep fried until golden colour.


This is a crispy and delicious finger food.


Bah Kut Teh Rice – RM13.70, the bak kut teh soup base was cooked with various mushrooms, bean curd, egg and sprinkled with some wolf berries and coriander. It was then served together with a bowl of rice.


Bak Kut Teh at Idealite has been rated as the top 5 best in Penang despite being meat-free and competing with the rest which were mostly cooked with ribs and meat as base. Therefore, this dish is worth the thumbs up for its healthy and tasty concept.


Black Pepper Eryngii Mushroom Meal – RM13.70, The firm and tender texture of Eryngii mushrooms topped with their special black pepper sauce and sesame seeds. Serving together with it were bean sprouts sprinkled with pumpkin floss, papaya cubes topped with fresh ground black pepper, brown rice,  sweet corn and carrot soup and some sambal.


The meal provided by Idealite always comes with a balanced and wholesome nutrition.


Royal Sweet & Sour Hericium Meal – RM18.70, the meal was served with sweet and sour sauce pan fried with mushroom cubes, cucumber, chili and maize. Side dishes with bean sprout sprinkled with pumpkin floss, papaya cubes topped with fresh ground black pepper, served with brown rice,  corn soup and some sambal.


The taste of the sweet and sour dish was very similar to other sweet and sour sauce. Comparing with Black Pepper Eryngii Mushroom Meal, I still prefer the previous one.


Signature Nasi Lemak – RM15.70, nasi lemak without the coconut milk can still be just as good. Sweet potatoes and potato in spicy curry. Served with deep fried bean curd and cashew nuts is a healthy and tasty meal.


The deep fried seaweed mixed with mushroom made the combination tasted like deep fried anchovies. The taste of the spicy curry potato felt like nasi lemak curry. It was very creative indeed.


Signature Hakka Lei Cha – RM14.70, fragrant Lei Cha soup which was boiled with mint, basil and varieties of spices. As for the main of Lei Cha it was a mixture of grains and beans. Upon serving, the hot soup is poured to the main and served together.


One thing I love about this Lei Cha is the taste was not bitter. Some of the shops who served Lei Cha did not really have the experience in the preparation and hence making the whole dish difficult to eat when the taste turned bitter.


Hokkaido Miso Ramen – RM15.70, rich miso soup stewed with various types of vegetables. The taste and nutrition that came from the sweet soup were all fresh and naturally delicious.


The selling points of this dish is on the base of the soup that was made of pumpkin. It was cooked from 3 bowls of portion into 1 bowl. Another added point is the noodle was also a homemade pumpkin noodle. In fact this is one of my favorites noodles.


Green Curry Ramen – RM13.70, the base of the soup is made with organic oat milk, without any coconut milk.


The soup was really spicy with the aroma of spices covered the base of the soup. For those who like spicy, this is the dish that must try.


Thai Style Spaghetti – RM16.70, tossed with smooth and creamy Thai Sauce and cooked with oat milk.


If spicy soup base is not your cup of tea, try this dried Thai-style Spaghetti. In fact, it is unique as we hardly see Thai-style dried spaghetti elsewhere. This one had the thick sense of Thai and Italian mixture.


  • Idealite Chee Cheong Fun – RM4.70
  • Sesame Sauce Chee Cheong Fun – RM5.70

Different from other Chee Cheong Fun in the market, the Chee Cheong Fun at Idealite does not contain benzoic acid. The glistening sauce does not contain shrimp paste. It is simply light and tasty.


The taste of the Chee Cheong Fun is nothing different from outside. While the regular paste is also same, the only added values to this dish are healthy and nutritious. Another must try is the Sasame Sauce of Chee Cheong Fun, it was unique and packed with the nice aroma of sesame.


If you just want to have some light food, below are some of the options available.

  • Lotus Sleepy Panda Bun x 2 – RM6.70, filled with red bean paste and the buns were made into panda heads.
  • Sesame Bun x 2 – RM5.70, filled with black sesame creamy paste.


There is a technique to eat the sesame bun.  Once the bun is peeled off, you need to quickly sucked in the inner sesame into your mouth, just like eating Shanghai’s Siu Long Pao. Else the watery paste will drop out.



Pumpkin Piglet Bun x 2 – RM6.70, the buns were designed in piglets head form and packed with pumpkin paste.


The piglets were so cute, sometimes it just made me enjoy playing with them rather than tossing down into the stomach.


Fu-Wa Hot Spring – RM8.70, The soup was cooked with corn starch and added with egg, varieties of mushroom and sprinkles of wolf berries on top.


The taste of the soup was similar to shark’s fin soup. Some how this shark’s fin soup does not contain any shark’s fin within.


Overall, this is the few only places that I can find delicious and wholesome food in one. The balance of the nutrients and also the freshness of the food are well preserved. Due to all the combination above, therefore it is reasonable to have the price of the food on the slightly higher side.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 604-226 7296
Address: 3F-60, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
GPS: 5° 43′ 78.50″ N, 100° 30′ 97.89″ E

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