Cheap, Fast And Nice Seafood @ Tree Shade – Weld Quay, Penang

After the petrol price hike in our country, most of the food price in our country has increased tremendously. Even though now the price of petrol has dropped, the other commodities are still remaining at high prices. Analysts said that it is very unlikely that the price of commodities will drop following the decrease in petrol price.

The trip for tonight is still the same with the 3 musketeers. For those who have been reading my posts recently you will know who am I referring to. The place that I am going to introduce is a place where it not only serves nice food but with good service at a very affordable price. The place is just opposite of Penang Weld Quay (Jetty) and the name of the restaurant is called “Tree Shade” Seafood Restaurant. There is a tree protuding beside the roof of the restaurant. That is how it got the name.

There are more than 20 staffs preparing the food and there are 5 woks running non-stop simultaneously. Each of the wok has its own task. Some is used to cook meat, while some for fish and vegetables.

The fresh grouper is waiting to be ordered.

This eatery area is the second wing where the first one is for the food preparation. The environment here is a bit hot and stuffy. However the best part is you don’t have to wait for your food. Usually the serving time from the wok to your table takes less than 5 minutes and that is considered an excellent service in Steven Goh’s records.

 The first dish that we had was the fried bean curd with roast pork and carrots. The taste of this it is very similar to the one I used to have at home. A very common type of food yet tastes good. Eventually, this dish evolved to be cooked with Chinese wine and you will get the wine aroma when putting the dish into your mouth.

The second dish was the fried kangkung with prawn and sambal balacan (shrimp paste cake). Another common dish for Malaysians. To master in some unique food that never existed in the market is very easy but to cook some common food is tough as people will be able to compare the taste. But for this one, the kangkung is well-cooked but not over-cooked. The prawns were fresh and the taste of the balacan was not too heavy, which really fits my taste bud.

Barbecue Boneless Rib (排骨王) is a signature dish for this restaurant. The owner has promoted this dish to me since the first time I was here 7 years ago. The boneless pork ribs were marinated with homemade sauce and was well-cooked with barbecue sauce.

The next dish was the Deep-fried Dough Sticks (油条) with mayonnaise. The deep-fried dough stick were not plain like the usual ones. Instead they were stuffed with fish cakes. Part of the fish cake was made of water chestnuts which made the texture crunchy. Something which is very special that I have yet to try in other restaurants.

The main point of my introduction of this restaurant is not because of the acceptance level of the food here but the price of it. With all the order, we spent a total of RM25 for 3 people. Meaning that each of us only spent around RM8 with unlimited FREE flow of rice. It is considered very reasonable for the current market price.

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19 thoughts on “Cheap, Fast And Nice Seafood @ Tree Shade – Weld Quay, Penang”

  1. Did you just say RM25 for the whole meal?? I could not believe my eyes man!!! Not possible not possible…. If possible, it is awfully cheap!!! I plan to come back in Nov, on a weekend, not for business, for nothing actually… Just wanna relax instead of rushing here and there in Penang….. I wanna meet up with you and Criz and go makan!!!

  2. Penang Tau Pui, you can park your car at, Gut Leboh Pasar. There are plentiful of parking lot there but of course there are lots of parking “attendants” there too.

    Allie, you are right and it’s so fast in speed.

    cazzycazz, is real. Unless Criz got share with this restaurant lah else this is the amount that we paid. Btw, we are planing for another food hunt on this saturday. Wanna join us?

  3. This place is awesome – I love it! Love the poppadums they serve to start with the curry sauce dipping, love how fast the food is served, love how everything tastes good and love most of all, how CHEAP it is!!!

  4. RM25 is seriously cheap!!! And I thought my sharing on the tai chow in KL – those finds of mine were already cheap…for 4 ppl, it’s about RM34.
    Now this is cheap too:)

    I’ve heard so much about this place but haven’t try it….this is going to my growing list of items-to-try in Penang:D

  5. One of my regular place to dine last time when in a hurry. My KL colleague give the cook a name “SAN CHEONG SAU” …. cause he one person manage 4 to 5 frying at the same time.

    Sometime the shop is so full till you need to sit at 2 doors away in another kopitiam. But they will still serve you food at the shortest time.

  6. Piaks~~~ why are the 3 mosquitoes still haunting me everyday? LOL! Anyway, this is a great place for nice food at an economical pricing. If you have a better budget, you could always try out their seafood spread. Recommended the Fried Black Pomfret with Oyster Sauce and the Black Pepper Butter Prawns.

    By the way, I don’t have a share there. LOL! I’m a frequent customer for the last 10 years even before the lady boss had her children. 😛

  7. guys, no worries on the parking place. Just park your car near the custom building and walk towards the restaurant. This restaurant serves reasonable foods and it’s cheap, some people said the other restaurant diagonally opp it and near to the Shell Petrol Station is not bad as well.

    Hmm…mm.. It has been ages since I last went to this tree shade restaurant. And btw, you will guys email me if you are out for food hunting? 🙂

  8. i’ve not been to this place in a long time. i know this place is famous for what penangites love best – cheap and good! but rm25 is really really cheap!! ~jaw drops open in disbelief~ lol

  9. 550ml jar of faith, are you sure that place have popadums? I tough all the while there only have chinese food?

    Ken, that is right. Even now he still have the tallent on frying 5 wok at the sametime.

    Criz, I think one of the mosquito got white hair loh. LOL. Somemore can recomend fried black pomfret ah. Sure got something with this shop.

    NKOTB, no cheat 1 really only RM25

    Samyeap, we are going to food review this saturday. Want to join?

    Big Boys Oven, that is right. This is a recomended place to eat with budget.

    lingzie, I also opened my mouth big when the auntie told me is only RM25

    Merilyn, Ya….support Penang food!!!

  10. it’s really cheap and i like the pai kut ong and you char koay. oh my, really yummy. luckily i ate quite a lot just now for dinner. if not, for sure now i will get hungry while seeing this post.

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  12. I will like to visit Penang in August.
    Can you tell me how much is the taxi ride from Corpthone Orchid Hotel to Weld Quay?? I want to try the delicious food.I hope my taxi ride will NOT cost MORE THAN MY FOOD ???? LOL

  13. Hi Melanie, the taxi ride in Penang is a bit on the high side as the price is not really “fixed” and need your skill to bargain with the taxi driver. Usually they charge by head count.

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