Great Place to Chill Out @ Crepe Cottage, Gurney Penang

If you are at Gurney Drive and looking for a place to chill out with some chilly dessert, then you should be thinking of Crepe Cottage. This particular cottage is located along Gurney Drive, a few steps away from Lorong Burma. If you are looking for a place to park your car, you can always choose to park along Persiaran Gurney or even at Lorong Burma.

For those who enjoys cosy ambience, you can choose to sit inside the hut with air-conditioning and homey feeling. For those who prefers to watch the walks of life along Gurney Drive, you can sit at the outdoor and enjoy the sea breeze and all the happening at Gurney Drive. Crepe Cottage is a place of ultimate pancake and ice cream parlour. This is Crepe Cottage’s slogan. Like Criz Lai said, we have an interesting food expedition night out as out team members consist of CAST (Criz, Allen, Steve and Tan).  

The owner of Crepe Cottage has been operating this store for 9 years.

A list of dessert selections to satisfy your crave if you are looking for something other than main meal.

There were three desserts that we have tried out. First was the Espresso Crepe (RM7.50). This crepe was cooked with espresso and honey sprinkled on top. Serving together with it was vanilla ice cream with fresh cream as decoration. The espresso crepe tasted a bit bitter and moreover the coffee aroma was very mild with not much coffee flavour on the crepe itself.

The next is the Mango Cup (RM11). The crepe was made into a cup shape. Inside the crepe was fresh mango cut into cubes and with 2 large scoops of mango ice cream. According to the owner, the mango ice cream is home-made. The ice cream is very smooth and creamy. The taste is comparable to Haagen Dazs ice cream and is not too sweet. For those that dislike sweetness, this is a must-try. The fresh mango is juicy and fresh. It is specially made for mango lover.

Chocolate Crepe with Nutella and Banana (RM10). The crepe is used to wrap the banana. On top of it is fresh cream with chocolate flakes sprinkled on top which looks like a banana split. The ice cream has 2-in-1 flavour, chocolate ice cream on the outer layer and vanilla ice cream on the inner layer. The decoration is very neat and creative. It makes me stare at it longer rather to eat it right away.

Overall, the desserts are very creative, unique and delicious. The pricing is still considered acceptable. Maybe we were there at the wrong time which was on Saturday night, therefore we had to wait for 20 minutes for our food. But I guess the wait is worth it as the food presentation and the taste are good. For mango lovers, mango cup is a must-try.

Operation hours: 6:00pm – 12:00(midnight), close on Tuesdays
Contact: 019-448 1680 (Agnes Chee)

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Food Presentation

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20 thoughts on “Great Place to Chill Out @ Crepe Cottage, Gurney Penang”

  1. I am glad that you came for the gathering at Edelweiss and became close buddies with Criz and Allen. Its nice seeing all of you enjoying each other company and reviewing all the yummy food. Hope to see more reviews along the way.

    Btw, I did see another new member in the group…would be nice to introduce her/him….

    ck lam

  2. The 4th member of the CAST team would like to remain anonymous I guess. T is Ms Tan. It’s great to have a female along to give her views on the food. 🙂

    Anyway, the crepe was so good that I went over there again last night.. hehe. I have just updated another two items in the recommended list in my post. 😛

  3. seems like i need to on hold my post for few weeks before posting. maybe i will go for the second time and post all together. hahaha.

    btw, your captcha screen when leaving the comment is annoying. can take it out ar? so ma huan nia just to leave comment. LOL!!!

  4. CK, I am waiting for your 3 round. Btw, the new member will introduce to u when we meet up 🙂

    NKOTB, should try out this place. Is a nice place to be I wanna go for second round too.

    Cariso don’t want to join us leh, wat to do?

    Allooi, cannot lah, without recaptcha I will kena spam a lot doo…

  5. Steven & Criz!! Wait for me!!! I wanna go makan with you guys in mid Nov!! I swear it is for real! Hehehe, my schedule is full until mid Nov, can we go makan & chat-n-chew??

  6. hmmm who is the mysterious ms tan we all wonder? lol
    would be great to meet up with her!

    i love the crepes here though i dont come often cos my family doesn’t really fancy it. sometimes have to wait quite long if there is a large crowd cos they make everything fresh…so i guess its worth the wait. 🙂

  7. Truth be told, I have mixed feelings abt this place. The food (especially the desserts are relatively inexpensive compared to the same kinda food available elsewhere) is quite good but the wait, OMG the wait….can sometimes be sooooooo hair-tearingly-frustrating! Your 20-min wait was NOTHING, really…

    I’ve been there a few times and there was once I waited so long for my food till I was *very* close to walking out. If not for the good and inexpensive desserts, I wouldn’t be bothered to go there again.

    I’ve ALOT of frenz who swore NEVER to go back again. Mainly becos of the horribly-long wait time and in the past, their service was notoriously horrendous. It has since improved since the last time I was there a few weeks ago. Hallelujah for that.

    Would I go back? Yes…mainly becos nowhere else in Penang serves desserts at the price anymore. Heck, even Starbucks is more expensive that the desserts here!

  8. went to this reataurant few months ago.. waited my dishes to be served for about 2hours.. and i was the first customer! omg… the food was just OK.. doesnt worth the time for me to wait..

  9. f*** this n my frens were there at 8pm n waited til 10 sumthing oni get to get their damn food..n their food is among worse of the worse..the chicken crepe was abit bitter…salmon serve with lots of bones inside…seriuosly how can anyone of u recommend to go ‘chill’ at such place?i’ve been in penang for 20 years and this is the worse place ever to go!

  10. Jay, I do agree that this place is not as cool as before. I was there last 3 weeks ago and waited for 1 hr + for my food and I told myself, that’s it I am not coming back.

  11. totally agree with others…me n frens went there yesterday…wait damn long for my dessert…famous with d long wait perhaps???

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