One of the Best Rojak In Penang @ Rojak 101, Esplanade

Talking about Rojak, I am still looking for a more suitable word to replace this name in English. If Rojak should be known as Salad from Malaysia, then what should the original Salad be named if they were made by Malaysians?

For the usual Malaysians, Rojak is not something new to us. For foreigners rojak looks like a kind of salad as there is a mixture of fruits and vegetables. The only difference is that instead of using mayonnaise or olive oil as dressing, we use shrimp paste or “rojak sauce”  to mix together with some crushed peanuts as the dressing.

Post for the day is actually another episode of my food hunt trip with Criz Lai and Allen Ooi. The destination is at Esplanade where most of the good food and nightlife can be found. There are two sections this food court, the concentrated Malay food corner and Chinese food corner. Map location with GPS guide is at below of this post.

The front stall of 101 Rojak with the “Ho Wei Jeng” written below the stall name. Anyway, every time I ordered I didn’t ask whether is that his name.

The first order was white turnips (mengkuang) and pineapple slices which had been arranged like a pizza. I was surprised as usually rojak is mixed in a plate or a bowl. Anyhow, according to Criz this is a better way of having rojak. If it was mixed in a bowl/ plate together with shrimp paste dressing, the dressing will be come diluted from moisture released by the fruits. Therefore this is better way to taste out rojak.  

The below is a combination of jambu air (water apple) and semi-riped mango. The semi-riped mango was very sour and I just couldn’t open my eyes after a bite. For those who loves sour this is a must-try.

A stick of cucumbers which were very fresh and juicy. 

Overall, the price of having rojak at night time is considered reasonable. The service still needs to be improved as they have twice missed Criz’s order. Maybe their business is too good and he should get more assistants to help him.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

For those who are not sure how to get to Esplande Delicious Food Court, below is the Wikimapia GPS link:

9 thoughts on “One of the Best Rojak In Penang @ Rojak 101, Esplanade”

  1. Each fruit is serve separately ? So special.

    There’s a rojak stall which serve tasty rojak too. It’s at Sg. Dua, near the Magnum shop.

  2. Steven

    THe first time I took my wife back to Penang, we wnet to Gurney Drive and I had a dish of rojak. She had a taste and immediately spat out the offending pick of rojak. It was so funny seeing her contorted and face. “How can you eat this?” It take practise and time. I told her.

    Obviously, she is not a lover of fine hawker food. Pagan!!!!!!!!!



  3. wow never tried a cucumber stick before. but i guess as long its crunchy with good topping, anything can do. the rojaks look good btw 🙂

  4. Because of these rojak, make me half full, cannot have more dim sum la…… btw, the rojak is good. brings back old memory when eating the mengkuang with the rojak sauce and peanuts dressing. 🙂

  5. Allie, next time u can bring us rombongan there dee.

    Ken, mine also the same, are we in the same skool? Some more I dropped the bangkuang on my uniform on the school bus and get wallap by my mum after that.

    Yat, you should have mix 1/2 bowl of mayonnaise with rojak sauce first so that she can get used to the western & oriental taste.

    Quachee, you don’t want to try that cause Criz just maz up his shirt with that stick.

    Allen, luckily is just dim sum not japanese food else that will be your nite mare

  6. Hey! you don’t have to tell the whole world that I stained my shirt.. LOL! Anyway, I somehow love the rojak there with their freshly roasted and crunchy peanut plus shrimp powder. We shall go there again soon but this time we will need to exercise along the beach front before indulging ourselves into more yummy food ***looking at Allen’s tummy.. right?*** haha. 😛

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