Taman Lip Sin – Wonderful Duck Rice

Ever come across your mind on nice duck rice in Penang? Not much, you can count with one hand. Today my introduction will be the nice duck rice at Taman Lip Sin, the stall is actually under a flat in a coffee shop. Advice by the store owner, his rest day is on Wednesdays.


The coffee shop is not ‘Supertanker’, that is not the place that I would recommend. Both the taste of chicken and duck really sucks. The coffee shop that I am introducing is a block away from supertanker and its name is ‘Leng Nia Coffee Shop’.


What makes this stall distinctive from the others is the duck meat is roasted until it is golden brown and the skin is also crunchy, it tastes just nice.

Secondly it’s the soup “Chai Boey” (in Hokkien) which completes the meal overall. The soup is usually cooked with left over duck meat and a mixture of vegetable (including the so-called big leaf in Hokkien). I am not sure what is called in English. If you do please do let me know. 


Above is the picture of the Chai Boey, which I find is one of the best in Penang although from the picture it may not look attractive at all… The soup is hot and sour. It is nice to have it especially on a rainy day.
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10 thoughts on “Taman Lip Sin – Wonderful Duck Rice”

  1. I won’t say the Duck Rice is one of the best in town, but the Chai Boey definitely is… and I think that’s what the shop is famous for.

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  4. After few months of going back and forth between Leng Nia Kopitiam (Taman Lip Sin) and Sin Kek Seng Kopitiam, I still find the Duck Rice at Leng Nia to be better than the latter. Although the serving portion at Leng Nia is still little but the skin is crunchy. Sorry to say that but Sin Kek Seng only left us a good impression during our 1st visit, but after few more times we find that the roasted duck skin to be “thick” and “fatty”.

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