Budget Travel, Tips Guide to Bali

Bali’s natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches (many are well-known amongst surfers), picturesque rice terraces, towering active volcanoes over 3,000 meters (10,000 ft.) high over the land of 5632 km/square , fast flowing rivers, deep ravines, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife.

The island’s rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere – in over thousand temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies, in drama, music, and dance. The population of Bali is about 4 millions people, 80% of the residents on Bali Island believe in Hinduism. 

This particular post gives you a brief idea and guide to a budget tour with RM800 (about USD 250) in hand per person to enjoy the fullness of excitement and relaxation on this paradise island.

Tour Package ( 4D/3N packages HALF BOARD Tour ):

For those planning for a budget travel and treat hotel as a place just for overnighting, the below hotel will be one of the options. But if you are looking for something fancy and super clean, my advice is to look for a better hotel.

Contact of Travel Package to Bali:

Mobile: +62 81 338 555 633
E-mail: aryakencana@hotmail.com

Hotel : Rosnani (2 star)
Twin share : RM289 /pax, Half-board tour (includes breakfast & lunch only)

DAY 01.

  • Arrival + Trasnfer to Hotel

DAY 02.

  • Full day tour visit BATUBULAN for Barong & Keris Dance
  • ART VILLAGES ( Celuk, Mas & Ubud )
  • KINTAMANI for it’s Volcano scenery and Lake Batur scenery
  • GOA GAJAH the 18th century cave
  • TIRTA EMPUL Holy water spring ( B.L )

DAY 03.

  • Full day tour visit TANAH LOT the sea temple
  • Mengwi TAMAN AYUN Royal Temple
  • BEDUGUL highland with beautiful mountain scenery and lake Bratan
  • ALAS KEDATON Monkey forest and it’s giant Bat ( B.L )

DAY 04.

  • Free till departure time, Transfer to Airport ( B )


Airfare (Round Trip) – RM248 per pax (incl. airport tax, fuel surcharge and insurance)
Flying with Airasia to Kuta (Bali), now everyone can fly. I booked the flight since 8 months ago and at that moment the price was quite cheap. I believe now it is even cheaper with no fuel surcharge. You can book online for your ticket at www.airasia.com

Remember to keep an extra Rp150,000(RM50) for the “Departure Tax” when departing from Bali airport (international flights only).

Food and Baverages:

You should prepare around RM150 – RM200 per pax for food and baverages for the entire trip. This will keep you save although your tour usually will arrange breakfast and lunch for you. If you are adventurous enough to try out the local and also street food this budget is more than enough.

On the next post there will be more details on the food and also places to visit.

22 thoughts on “Budget Travel, Tips Guide to Bali”

  1. Bali is a beautiful place…

    Was the sun hiding while you were in Bali? Last year, I was there in February. The weather was cloudy most of the time, I couldn’t eat at the Jimbaran beach (must eat inside the restaurant) because of the hard wind blowing and the wave.

  2. Hiyiii Steven, wahh came back from holiday liao? How did you find the food there? I personally didn’t quite like it…. Are you going to blog on the food in Bali? Couldn’t wait to read…. 😛

  3. I will be making a trip back to Bali soon. Will let u know some of my experiences (perhaps not in my own blog but responding to yours instead?….)

  4. the kuta beach in bali is dirty and crowded, although the sand is very soft. the attraction could be the waves are strong enough for surfing. other than that i don’t see much of a good side on that beach. even penang beaches are comparable to it, but redang still has one of the nicest beaches.

  5. Little Inbox, is Bali is known for great spa and massage. However, I miss out the opportunity due to lack of time.

    Selba, exectly for all 4 days I was there the first day is the best where we can walk by the sea with sunny day, else it would be cloudy and rainny.

    Cazzy, most of the food in bali are similar to the 1 in Malaysia except sme special one that I will post on my following post.

    Allie, you can 1. Is not very expensive nia. Make a planing and start saving for another 4 months and your dream will come true.

    jm loke, waiting for ur experience 🙂 Do let me know once u updated ur post on the trip.

    appletan, I know wat you mean cause we are penangite but for the rest of the people that is not living by the seaside, it is heaven.

    Loh, if you travel to KL by bus instead of AirAsia, the fare will be cheaper. My entire trip per person only spend RM800.

  6. I was very lucky that I managed to get cheap air tickets to Bali from AAsia. RM328 2-ways. If you are planning to to there, just keep an eye out for AAsia offers from time to time.

  7. Great article on Bali.
    One of my favourite places on earth. I’ve been there twice already and am going back again in January 2010.
    I’m also flying AirAsia and managed to get “free” seats for all of my family, so certainly will be a “budget” trip!
    We like to stay in Sanur as it is more relaxed and quiet than Kuta. Good for our family holidays.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comments earlier. I was away on a trip and had just come back. Anyway, Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, it’s in Imbi. At a very prominent corner facing the 7-11. You can’t miss it. When u r in KL, do contact me and we can go makan together! Send me an email and I’ll send u my contact number.

    As for Bali, I really enjoyed myself there except for the humidity/heat-lah. I have yet to rename my photos and have not had the time to write the reviews for the food there yet but I plan to do a Bali series soon.

    JM =)

  9. Hi Will,

    Bali is a very affordable destination as the airfare can be cheap via Air Asia. Hotels are within RM100/night (A/C room) if u look hard on the net. If u are daring, go there and look, u can get even cheaper if u opt for rooms with fans only.

    Food there is generally cheaper than in Malaysia. I had pork ribs almost everyday I was there. They can cost between RM10-RM30 depending on the place you dine at.

    However, Bali can be EXTREMELY humid – ie: u can sit under a fan doing nothing and still sweat buckets! Well, I did! I usually bring 2 extra shirts with me when I go wandering around the Kuta/Tuban/Legian/Seminyak area (these are all the connected areas at the most happening part of the island).

    JM |-)

  10. I’ve been to Bali 5 years ago and I miss this place so much because of its pristine beaches and warm people. I look forward to visit this beautiful destination hopefully next month. 🙂

  11. wah..its within my budget..
    how about the safety issue?
    because someone adviced me to be aware of people taking the advantage on the tourist. this make me in considering either to use the service of travel agent or go by myself free & easy.
    which month is suitable to travel there?

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