Freshly Baked Siew Bun, Siew Pao @ Ko Pin Coffee Shop, Kangar

Talking about Siew Pao and Siew Bun, usually people will think of Ipoh or Selangor as they are more famous. It is like talking about Hokkien Mee and Char Koay Teow, usually people will link that to Penang and not in other places, the most important is you need to be very outstanding to compete against so many competitors that spread across the island.

However, there are some exceptional. One good example is the stall at “Ko Pin” Coffee Shop located at the center of Kuala Kangar, Perlis.  

This particular stall is located infront of the coffee shop and the name of the stall is “S’ Ban Siew Pao”

The boss, Mr. Ang was very friendly and nice. He was explaining to me how he made his Siew Pao. He told me to wait for the new batch of siew pao which were freshly baked from oven so that it will taste even delicious.

The variaties of siew pao were placed neatly on the rack. They were all freshly made everyday and looked very mouth-watering.

The siew bun and siew pao were sliced into half, as you can see  the steam was still flaming out from the buns. Yum!

The egg tart was given to us for FREE as we helped him to promote his stall. The filling was soft and creamy while the tart was crunchy.

The stall was in “The Malaysia Book of Records” for making the most siew pao some years back. 

Affortable and fresh siew pao and siew bun have made my day. How about you?

Siew Pao – RM1.50 per piece
Siew Ban – RM1.80 per piece

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Food Presentation

Operation hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm (Close on Thursday, Bi-weekly)
Contact: 012-433 8558 (Mr. Ang Yong Hooi)
Address:No. 53, 55, Jalan Jubli Perak 01000 Kangar, Perlis .

15 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Siew Bun, Siew Pao @ Ko Pin Coffee Shop, Kangar”

  1. Ck, happy new year to u too. Remember to let me know if u are there and might need u to tapao some for me too.

    NKOTB, not for the siew pao. I was there for job but my friend introduce me to that nice siew pao.

    Little Inbox, I am not expecting to go there too if not because of the task 🙂

    Food Paradise, happy new year to u too.

    Cariso, if AS got siew pao may be I can consider try out too.

  2. The Seremban Siew Pow indeed are very tasty! But nowadays the size of it compared to when they started 10 years back, it shrink a lot! the size not at the common siew pow size.

  3. email2me,
    Yes, this is one of Seremban Siew Pow distributor/agent. See the 2nd Photo of S’bn Siew Bao ….and photo # 10th chinese words.

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