2nd day in Taipei – Capital of Taiwan

This is the second time I’ve amended this blog. As I was online at Starbucks Gurney, just about to finish the blog, the connection went off and I had to redo my stuff all over again and my first attempt inspiration was gone. Therefore, never trust technology.
Try to bring back my thought on Taiwan 2nd day. Picture beside show the MRT in Taiwan. Remember to make your way to the right as you step on the elevator as Taiwan’s traffic rules are following American way. If you follow the wrong path, you might end up being stepped over by hectic people.

Once you arrive at 俯視台鐵總站 (Fu Shi Dai Station) remember to go into the mall called 星光三越(Xin Guang San Yue). It’s a great shopping heaven.

Img_1258_1Buying body soap is a pain in Taiwan. It cost RM70 per piece, so next time when you visit friends there remember to buy them a dozen. When you are in the mall, remember to proceed to lower ground to the restaurant called 春水堂(Chun Sui Tang) which you will find a lot of local nice food there.

There are several types of tea to order. As usual in Malaysia we have tested before 珍珠奶茶 (Zhen Ju Nai Cha). The tea that I had Img_1256_1 tried is called 百花綠茶 (Passion Fruit Green Tea). It is a sweet and sour type of drink. Guys, don’t ever think of ordering a small size of drink there. Cause only ladies order small glasses.

Picture beside shows 2 dishes which are 豆支 (Dou Zhi) and 章魚丸 (Squid Ball). 豆支, the Img_1257_2 noodle of this dish is made from soya bean. It’s not just known to be healthy but also delicious. 章魚丸 looks like fish ball but it tastes much better. Once bite, you will get the sponginess and chewy feel blending together.

陽春面 (Yang Chun Mian) is a bowl of noodle with all the basic necessity need from veggie to meat and egg. This is very famous for Img_1259_1 workaholic that having short break during lunch time.


油飯 (You Fan) is prepared from glutinous rice, it’s something similar to our (Lo Mai Kai) just that the taste of seasoning is lighter compared to (Lo Mai Kai).

西門町(Xi Men Ding) is the most trendy and modern place that youngsters like to hang out here. If you are looking for latest fashion from Japan, this is a good place to visit. For Img_1263 guys remember to visit this place after hours as you can see a lot of hot chicks around.

Lastly, don’t forget to try this dessert call “涼園” (Liang Yuan). It looks like our usual rice ball. Img_1264_1However, the taste is very different when you eat it. The outer layer is coated with transparent jelly and inner has vanilla, pandan and strawberry flavor. To be continued……

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