Kuala Terengganu – Claypot Rice

If you have the chance to drop by at Kuala Terengganu, you have to visit its China Town. This is the only place you can get Chinese food. It is very easy to locate this place as there are not many Chinese in Terengganu and most of them are living in this small town.

 The introduction for today is the Clay-pot Rice Stall located in Terengganu China Town. It is just 2 stones throw’ away from the China Town entrance. My suggestion is, remember to emphasize to the stall owner that you want a small portion of Clay-pot rice, unless you are a sumo wrestler, else he will give you a large portion.

The ingredients of the claypot rice include oriental pork sausages and minced meat. The rice is served with some sprinkle of pork oil so that it tastes smoother and aromatic. The combination of ingredients in the sausage is just nice – 60% of meat and 40% of fat. The scallion topping on the rice adds on as a decoration as well as clearing off the pork odour.

The combination of Claypot rice, together with a Jumbo sized fruit juice from the coffee shop beside is a must-try. You may opt to share the drink, if you are travelling with a partner, else you will be going to pee on your bed with such a huge drink.

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