Zhao Homemade Pastry – Delivers Smooth and Fluffy Ogura Cakes To Your Doorstep

In recent months, we can see the latest craze that hit the town is chiffon cakes especially those in shopping malls. One of their selling points is the cakes are baked in-store in mass and once ready, the meter-long hot cakes are sliced in front of the crowd, sending aromatic smell to anticipating customers. Taste wise, nothing much to shout about as to me they are selling concept rather than taste of the cakes. If you are looking for a more intensified flavoured chiffon cake, look no further than Zhao Homemade Pastry.

As I was slightly influenced by the craze of chiffon cakes, I managed to discover one home bakery which bakes soft and fluffy Ogura Cake, which is “Zhao Homemade Pastry“. The bakery is based in home and specilizes in home delivery. So now you do not have to wait for 20 mins for your cake in the mall. Instead, Zhao Homemade Pastry is able to take your order and deliver to your door step within 1 day, which is really fast. Currently Zhao Homemade Pastry only delivers within Penang island only but soon they will be able to deliver to Prai and Mainland areas.

Check out the environmental-friendly packaging which are specially designed to keep your cake fresh during delivery. If you do not feel like going out and spend a few bucks for parking at the mall, check out Zhao Homemade Pastry at 012-8811268 or you can order online via: https://my.quufind.com/

The cakes that I have ordered are:

  1. Original Ogura Cake – RM20
  2. Pandan Ogura Cake – RM22

The taste of the original ogura sponge cake was packed with “eggy” flavour while the pandan flavored cake contained natural pandan fragrance. My personal favourite is of course the pandan flavored ogura cake which is unique and can’t be found in the bakery chains.

The good things about these homemade cakes are there are no added artificial coloring and preservatives. The sugar level is also kept to a minimum and hence the cakes are not sweet, which is perfect for me. As there are no preservatives, it is highly recommended to consume the cake within the same day, otherwise it must be kept in the fridge immediately.

Overall, the cakes were soft and fluffy. The delivery option makes life easy for people like me who enjoys eating chiffon cakes for my afternoon tea but lazy to get out from the house.

Contact: 012-593 1500 (Samuel)
URL Address: Zhao Homemade Pastry (Facebook)
Contact:Miss Zhao (012-8811268)
Online Order:Quufind

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