Georgetown Heritage Day, a Uniquely Penang Experience

Penang celebrates the inscription of the city as a World Heritage City by UNESCO and the government has set July 7 as a public holiday for Penang every year. This public holiday is uniquely celebrated in Penang and not in any other states in Malaysia. But do you know that on this special day, there is actually a celebration of Penang’s heritage culture right in the heart of Georgetown?

Why is Penang Heritage Day on 7-July?

George Town World Heritage Day is a public holiday in Penang, to commemorate the inscription of George Town as a World Heritage City by UNESCO. This community-centered festival features diverse range of acts, from traditional dances, classical orchestra performance, big flag pole flipping, and cultural performance, to exhibitions and street performances; from the reenactment of street life in the 1990s, to food fests and special tours and talks; all devised and conducted by members of the communities of historic George Town.

What is happening on Heritage Day?

Meng Eng Soo (名英祠) Opening Day at Rope Walk Penang. Meng Eng Soo has a hundred years of history accomplished as the ancestral hall of Chinese secret society during the early days. Ghee Hin Kongsi (established in 1790) is located at Rope Walk Road of Georgetown Penang. In conjunction with the anniversary celebrations of UNESCO Georgetown World Heritage Site Day, “The Footpath of Our Sage Trailblazers – Meng Eng Soo Open Day” is a unique event being organized by the Council in showing the heyday livelihood of Penangites.

One of the highlights of the event is the varieties of traditional local delicacies, desserts and snacks. There are some childhood games from the early years as well . There are even some interesting acting/drama on the street as well to depict the lives of those living in the 50’s-70’s.

To know more details about Meng Eng Soo Opening Day, please watch the video below:

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