Would you forgive and stand by his side?

Story from The Star, 2 Jan 08:

SEGAMAT: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has admitted that he is the politician shown in the sex DVD that is being circulated in Johor. 

He said the woman seen in the DVD was a personal friend. 

In a press conference yesterday, Dr Chua said: “Who did it and why is obvious – but it is not important now. What is most important is that my family, wife and children have personally accepted my apology.” 

Of the recent sex scandal by a former politician, if you were his family or wife, how would you react?

For sure in the news we could hear that his family is supportive of him and has forgiven his acts. But who knows what’s happening behind scenes?

There was a news on Sin Chew Daily but the link became inaccessible. This was the translation excerpt from someone’s blog. It was about Wanita MCA chief Ng Yen Yen who believes that “It is OK for men to show disloyalty to own’s wife or having sexual intercourse with others, as long as you seek permission from the wife prior to that….“.

The thought is how would she feel if it was her husband instead? And if men would want to show disloyalty, would he ask his wife “is it OK if I go in bed with Miss xxx the boutique owner”?

Frankly ladies, I need honest feedback. Will you really forgive your the other half if you know he have an affair with other? I hope to get truth feedback instead of giving comment for the sack of publicity.

11 thoughts on “Would you forgive and stand by his side?”

  1. LOL!!! Yeah, what a joke!!! What I can think of is either that MCA woman is unmarried, a swinger or a hypocrite? If she’s married then her husband should thank his lucky stars!

  2. I don’t know actually, if I had a husband who committed adultery, I will be angry, but after all he is my husband, and he has the guts to admit that he did such thing..



  3. ng yen yen definitely talking something which will get shoot. Btw, mr chua is wrong in terms of his family, he’s sorry to his wife and children. He is also wrong in terms of LAW in our country, which conducted blowjob type of so-called unnature method.
    But for bb community, he is not doing anything wrong in his politician career. I see it as a different story. Just like thailand ex-leader Taksin, i like him because he really boost up thailand economy. i dont care he get how much under-table money, as long as he is helping the country to improve, he is good. noone is perfect, as long as we can use our GOOD is bigger than our BAD, then bb community support u. As in movie awards, the best actor does not necessary came from the best movie. As in NBA, the best 3pts shooter does not necessary the MVP. Get my points? support me? hehe~

  4. Viv, I think this Ng Yen Yen is slapping her own face. I thought she all the way very disagree for china maid to come into our country and now she support her husband to be disloyal?

    Merdurian, she is not wrong. she is insane

    Chingy, wah you are very generous. Have you got boyfriend dee? want to consider me? LOL

    Bb community, you really write a lot on this topic. This is the first time I see you write so much. Anyway, I am totally agree with you that do more good things will cover bad things and also no one is perfect. Btw, I am Taksin’s fan too.

  5. Ya Merdurian, I want 1 too. Please CC me when you send to BB Community. There is a link from chanlilian site, but it’s a paid link to watch, no as good as getting a free copy from Merdurian. Anyone want 1 please drop a comment here so that she can CC to you all.

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