What Is This ‘China Big Chicken’?

 Somebody just playing a joke with Wikimapia users. This guy pin on the Hotel Choo Oh Kim as ‘China Big Chicken’. Check this Wikimapia link out: http://wikimapia.org/1367286/

Actually this hotel is located very near to UMNO building in Penang, yet still I didn’t know where is there? Hotel Choo Oh Kim? (Cook Black Gold?) and what is this China Big Chicken? Is it mean that can order many China prostitutes there? Or the chicken rice there very nice? Will police raid this place if one of them see this information from Wikimapia?

This is one of the disadvantages of Internet.

3 thoughts on “What Is This ‘China Big Chicken’?”

  1. Yong Hui, Eng Hin’s friend? When we have met? Btw, wat product you want me to publish? got commission?

    Anyway, I don’t sell chicken online 1 🙂

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