Walk For Sight 2010 Charity Walk @ Polo Ground

We should appreciate and consider ourselves lucky when have the ability to see properly. “Walk of Sight” is a charity walk organized by St. Nicolas and Lions Club. This event reminds us of how fortunate we are to have all the basic senses functioning well.

A sighted participant will lead another sighted participant to walk blindfoldedly, thus giving the sighted particpants the opportunity to experience blindness; to value sight and to appreciate teamwork; to have fun and of course to raise the much needed funds by St. Nicholas’ Home Penang to help the visually impaired.

I was actually arriving there just to help out in arranging the tables and chairs instead of joining the walk. At that moment I felt very fortunate, it is like the old saying “I kept complaining that I don’t have shoe until I see someone without feet”. Appreciation is the main key factor that makes me keep moving, love and care for those that are not so fortunate.

There were also free foot massage for those participated in the 3.8 km walk. You will just need to donate upon your ability.

The sharing and caring were all around the corner.

The group from Penang Adventist Hospital also joined in the fun.

Meaning and touching video that taken by Chan Lilian

For information about Walk For Sight, please visit: http://www.walkforsight.com

1 thought on “Walk For Sight 2010 Charity Walk @ Polo Ground”

  1. Steven,
    Glad to see you participate in charity activities
    I will be back in Pg for 2 weeks , thinking of doing some charity like donate food stuffs etc, do you have any in mind can benefit from receiving the donation
    Secondly , how to contact you personally i, i email in your blog last year , probably you do`nt remember.
    I like your your food blog , keep up your good work 😀

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