Mega 1 Cafe – Serving The Best Wine Bee Hoon @ Burmah Road

I passed by this place many times but I still didn’t realize there is this new shop sitting right there at Burmah Road. This place serves some unique dishes which are not easily found elsewhere in Penang.

To go to this place, if you are driving via Burmah Road the Union Primary School will be on your left. The shop that sells the best wine bee hoon in town is just a few doors ahead.

The name of the stall is called Mega 1 Cafe. The entrance of this place is a bit narrow, you have to be very observant to notice this shop.

Inside of the cafe there were 6 to 7 tables waiting to be served.

Milky wine soup with some fish balls, fish fillets and prawns. The specialty of this soup is it has been boiled for 9 continuous hours with the secret fish bone recipe and collocated with wine and  fresh milk.

Wine Soup with Seafood Tofu – RM15.00, this set doesn’t come with bee hoon or rice, you will need to place an order for it.

The soup which was mixed and cooked together with seafood and fish ball was sweeter compared to just plain fish fillet. The aroma of the wine made the soup smell good and tempting.

Wine Bee Hoon Soup with Fish Fillet – RM6.80. As mentioned, the taste of this soup was not as good as the previous one. Could be due to lack of sweetness from the prawns.

Wine Bee Hoon Soup with Chicken Ball – RM4.20, again this wine soup taste was not as sweet as the first one.

Variety of fruit juices are available here with an average of RM2.80 per glass.

Overall, the main dish here is the wine bee hoon and they are delicious although the price is slightly on the higher side. The side dishes like otak otak (RM5.00) and  shrimp rolls (RM6.00) are very expensive and the taste was not up to par. Another disadvantage of this place is it is very hard to find a place to stop the car or even parking.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 10am – 10pm (7 days a week)

Contact: 04-228 6146

Address: 221-E, Burmah Road, 10500 Penang.

7 thoughts on “Mega 1 Cafe – Serving The Best Wine Bee Hoon @ Burmah Road”

  1. Ya..parking is a problem. Usually I try to see if there is any avaialble parking.. if dun hv, I just continue driving on. So far I have been driving on

  2. Tried this place once and sadly to say that I’m not going to give this place a 2nd chance. Service and food is equally bad.

  3. I’ve been there before…D wine beehoon is a must if u want to visit there. The rest so so. I quite like d quiet environment there. Clean too.

  4. The taste & quality of the bee hoon has deteriorated. The service is actually not very good also. Price and portion of food used to be very reasonable, but now everything has changed to bad. I am really dissapointed with Mega One!

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