Visit To Kek Lok Si Temple with A Bunch Of Monkeys

This is the most pictures post in my blog. This post consist of monkeys that jumping and screaming at Kek Lok Si temple

Night view of Kek Lok Si Temple from far: 

View at the gate and also the first entrance of Kek Lok Si 

Buddha statue near the pond side and decorate of lanterns at the walkway

Monkeys with ladies 

3 Monkeys: SPEAK no evil, HEAR no evil and SEE no evil. 


List of thousand buddha statue 

More lantern deco…

A monkey shouting for CUT 

Monkey that looks down on people 

Wall stone carving 

Temple hall 

More lantern deco again…. 

Hanging pumpkin 

Status of Di Zhang Buddha at the pagoda entrance 

View from top of pagoda 

Monkey posting with lady, check out his horny face 

View to Air Itam city 

Spot the monkey if you can 

Take 1: Monkey cannot sit properly 

Take 2: Lady run away from monkey 

Take 3: Monkey and monkey 

View from the top

Take 1 on monkey jump: 2 up 1 down


Take 2 of monkey jump: 1 up 2 down 

Take 3 of monkey jump: Finally all up but still got NG on this taking 

Last night view capture before leaving. 

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