VIP Blogger Gethering At Summit

It was a great gathering at Summit. Suppose there are a few more bloggers will attend this gathering, too bad most of the bloggers are not easy nor in KL at that time. However, I still have the chance to meet up with my VIP partner which is bb community. Picture as below from left Michael Cheah, Steven Goh (that’s me) and Yuan Huann (BB Community). This picture is very exclusive as you won’t even see BB community picture at his website too and his picture appear here. To readers, do not DOWNLOAD this picture. It should be patent to BB Community.  

At this gathering we had discussed about how to earn more from PPP and BVT. How to raise Google Page Rank and also how to earn more with Google Adword. It a fruitful gathering.

Below are the picture that I had made from a website introduced by Michael Cheah. Check out BB Community the Person of The Year 

Michael Cheah at the Fortune front page as the richest in America.

Well, actually I don’t want to post this picture as National Geographic cover page. However, Michael Cheah claim if I left his picture here alone he will sure killing me by now. 

5 thoughts on “VIP Blogger Gethering At Summit”

  1. whoa… 3 of you.. got those big business boss face and Steven Goh… You looks thinner than my imagination……….
    bb community… I never expect he got a big boss looking

  2. walao eh~ i’m featured in TIME magazine~
    wakaka~ wahaha~
    hei thanks steven for the “decoration”, i’ve long time never take photo liao, thanks for that picture

    merdurian, does it mean fat = big boss? then i shall eat more..wahaha~

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