Will Indelible Ink Solve Election Commission Problem?


Fingers up Election Commission employees showing how the indelible ink will be applied. The special black ink will be used for the first time this coming general election. — ROHAIZAT MD DARUS / The Star

I was supposed to talk about my trip to KL and also the VIP Meeting on this post. However, I am still waiting to get the photo from my friend camera to my PC and further more I find that there is an more interesting incident that I want to talk after reading this news at Star Newspaper.

Our government is using the money that we had paid for income tax to buy some black ink that is so very special and indelible just for the sick of this coming election.  Some more this black ink and implementation cost us RM3mil. OMG. Is this necessary?

What is the main purpose on using this Indelible ink as mark? So that the voters will not vote twice? Do you think this will stop phantom votes? If the “loser” want to add in additional tickets they can anytime drop them in when no people are watching or even give bribery to the person in-charge so that they can go and out easily, instead of asking the normal citizen to take in extra ticket.

Understand that this so call indesctructable ink do have chemical reaction, it will only disappear after 2 weeks. Is this safe to be used? What if this contain chemical side effect that will be harmful to certain people?

Making a mark to the finger nail just like another weekend to clubbing, where there will be a stamp on your hand showing that you had paid for the cover charge? 

There are no secretive any more for the voters, even worst this will cause havoc, example of scenario where Mr. A talk to Ah Beng.

Mr. A, “Ah Beng, I thought you said you don’t want to vote for any of the parties this round?”
Ah Beng, “Err… no lah, actually I bluff you, I choose for the opposition instead.”
Mr. A, “I thougt all the while you told me you support for national party?”
Ah Beng, “Well…..Ummm.”
Mr. A, “Fcuk! You are no steady, I don’t want to talk to you any more.”

For additional RM3mil spent to such Indelible ink is it worth? Won’t that be better if we can save this money for country infrastructure and development? 

So you still want me to show you my finger? NAH!!! 

Indelible ink to make its mark

Friday February 1, 2008 – The Star

PUTRAJAYA: Each polling stream in the coming general election will get two bottles of indelible black ink that will be applied to the left forefinger of voters. 

The Election Commission said this amount of ink would be enough because each stream would only have a maximum of 700 voters. 

“Assuming that 80% of the registered voters come out to cast their votes, this means there will be around 600 people. Two bottles of ink are sufficient,” said EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar when contacted by phone here yesterday. 

For this general election, the commission said it would need 48,000 bottles of the ink. This will cost RM2.4mil and the whole procedure will take less than RM1mil to implement. 

Fingers up Election Commission employees (from left) Fahiza Baharuddin, 28, Norazliza Yaacob, 25, and Nor Fazilah Mohd Rasip, 26, showing how the indelible ink will be applied. The special black ink will be used for the first time this coming general election. — ROHAIZAT MD DARUS / The Star

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  1. merdurian, everyone is waiting, wuwuwu~

    steven, r u kidding me with INK???walao eh, since when they try to earn some pocket money from INK? so clever la them~

  2. ya loh Merdurian, everyone are waiting for you *sob*. Anyway, it was a successful meeting although I was late arrived at The Summit. Paiseh for BB community to wait for me. By the way, hope on the next trip we can meet up again 🙂

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