Truly Hong Kong Style Food @ Canton-i, Queensbay Penang

It has been quite sometime that I wanted to blog about this restaurant. I still remember the first time I visited this restaurant was a few days after the opening and it was the day I planned to buy my client dinner. However, just after we sat down and flipped through the menu with the slogan “Truly Hong Kong”, my client told me, “Not just the food served here is truly Hong Kong but the price is also truly Hong Kong”. The price is not the usual Penang style where it is cheap and good, but it is rather “high” in standard. Instead of me asking my client what to eat, he has broken the ice by saying “This place is not suitable for me, the layout is too lady-like and pricing is so high standard. I think we would better go to TGIF, at least we can have a mug while enjoying great dinner.”

That was my first impression of Canton-i. I was convinced that the price to dine there is not worth the money. However, every time when I passed by this place it was full of people and there were some bloggers who had even blogged about it which then made me curious to give it a visit.

Even on weekdays, this place was packed with people.

Roast Duck Rice Meal (烧鸭饭) – RM11.80. From the menu it looks like just a normal roast duck rice. However, each of the food on this plate has its unique taste. The duck meat was so succulent and came in a generous portion. The skin was crunchy and tasty which made the whole piece of duck smooth and tasty. The veggie had been steamed with oyster sauce and the soy egg was slow cooked with herbs. Even the gravy of the rice was cooked with Chinese Wolfberry Fruit (枸杞子), Chinese Angelica Root (当归) and some other expensive Chinese herbs which made the plain rice tasted good. Unlike our local duck rice which were usually covered with dark soya sauce to make the rice tasty, this Canton-i signature duck rice did not have any drop of dark soya sauce on it. The rice was covered with some of the duck’s juice, even the rice itself was smooth and fragrant. No wonder the price is so high, nevertheless this is still my favorite.

Barbecue Pork Rice Meal (烧肉饭) – RM11.80, also known as Char Siu rice. The meat given was a shoulder cut and had been marinated with a mixture of honey, five-spice powder and dark soy sauce.  The outer skin was shining and the taste was good which is suitable for children and those who can’t take chilis.

Two Combination Meals Roast Pork + Roast Duck (烧味双拼) – RM24.80. The taste of roast duck was similar to the roast duck rice. The roast pork felt like melt-in-the-mouth with its moisture layer of fat and meat. The meat was succulent with a light and crispy skin which was irresistable.

Nice Wan Tan (净云吞) RM11.80. A juicy filling of minced pork and fresh prawns which were stuffed into the wantan skin to make it into a wan tan ball. The result, a tasty, full-flavoured and smooth texture wantan soup.

Fried Rice with Shredded Chicken and Salted Fish (咸鱼鸡粒炒饭) – RM14.00. The rice was fried until the frying heat taste “wok hei” and it was served with meat cubes, salted fish and cashew nuts. To me I personally feel that the price on this plate of rice is sligthly over-priced.

Stir Fried Udon with Chicken and Black Pepper (黑椒鸡炒乌冬) – Rm16.00. The udon was cooked with soy sauce and black papper with chicken cubes, coriander and capsicums. Taste was good but again another highly priced dish to me.

Seven Belle (七仙女) – RM5.00. Nice tea and one of the most affordable drinks on the menu.  The display was very unique where it looked like a flower blossomed in the cup of tea. It was a delightful and refreshing drink, and best of all it was free-flow of hot water.

Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea (港式奶茶) – RM5.50. The usual Hong Kong-style milk tea which can be easily found in any Hong Kong restaurant, except that the tea was quite thick. The attraction is if you order the hot milk tea you will get a cup of smiley face.

Soya Bean Milk (豆浆) – RM3.50. For the non-dairy lover this is another option where you have a smooth and tasty drink.

Dragon-i (龙的传人) – RM12.00. A very colourful and outstanding drink where the blended fruit juice is from the dragon fruit. It was sweet and chilling but the price was very chilling too.

The juicy and succulent barbecue pork were hung up on the display.

The hanging roast ducks looked nice and juicy too.

The chef was not hanging but able to prepare all the good food.

Other than the great food there are nice pastries for sale as well on the front counter.

Overall the taste of the food was excellent, the environment was very feminine yet cozy. The service was fast and prompt, the only drawback would be the pricing.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-645 6688
Address:Part Of GF-12 & GF-13, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

10 thoughts on “Truly Hong Kong Style Food @ Canton-i, Queensbay Penang”

  1. the stir fried beef with koay teow taste superb! And the mango dessert! If you are a durian lover, try out their deep fried durian pancake too.
    But very damaging lo. 🙁

  2. This restaurant served reasonable Cantonese style cuisines though it is not the best I had tried so far. At least their standard is above average. I like to give them a thumb up for their customer services too. Very attentive to the customer’s feedback. 😉

  3. Allie, I didn’t know that there have liu lian pancake. No wonder Cariso said got liu lian smell when she eat there.

    Allen, no prob. Next time we go find more free kang tao lah.

    Little inbox, ya loh… very expensive to Penang people indeed.

    NKOTB, like that they should localised to suite Penang people.

  4. Cariso, wantan ok woo… not salty that day. May be that day they put too much salt that day.

    Ken, not sure how come the price is so high and some more so many people still want to go? I think I will not go there too often loh

  5. hi, first time visiting. u have a great blog here.

    canton-i is somewhere i love for their light stuff but not their noodles cz too much of lye water

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