New Western Food in Penang @ Will Western Delight, Island Glades

“…………………………and………………………………………… again ………………………..sigh…………………………..”. This is what was happened when I visited this new up and coming western food restaurant just around the corner near my house. It was indeed a long waited for the food to arrive.

The name of this restaurant is “Will Western Delight”. Whenever I passed by this place  it was always full of people, not only during weekend nights even on weekdays all the table here were full. This has made me to drop by to try out their food.

It is very easy to locate. If you know how to go to Genting Coffee Shop at Lorong Delima 3, Island Glades, the shop is just opposite of it.

This place is still very new. They started their business since 25th of May. They are still new therefore no signboard has been placed except only one banner in front of the kitchen.

This place starts operation at 7pm. When I was there there were already about 12 tables and I still need to wait for about 10 minutes to be seated. After long waited for the seat and managed to place my order, still the food preparation took about 1 hour to complete and served.

The drink that I had was “Guinness Stout, Good for you” Mango juice – RM1.60. The mango juice tasted like from the compressed cordial. Haven’t got the chance to try out other juices yet, not sure if their orange juice will be freshly squeezed.

Cream of Mushroom Soup – RM3.00, the taste of the mushroom soup was like Campbell’s mushroom soup served with garlic bread. The ingredients included some small cubes of chicken meat but the amount of mushroom was scarce and it felt more like cream of chicken soup than cream of mushroom soup. The garlic bread was not kept warm before serving and was very hard. If more fresh mushrooms were added to the soup, it would definitely taste better.

Grilled Fish with BBQ Sauce – RM8.00. Despite the cordial mango juice and the Campbell-taste mushroom soup, the grilled fish with barbecue sauce was good. The texture of the fish was very soft and fresh while the mixture of barbecue sauce was just nice and up to standard. However, the lime slices given were were not very fresh and it felt like they had been freezed for some time. Again, the garlic bread was very hard.

Oriental Style Chicken Chop – RM7.00. So far the oriental style chicken chop was the best among all. The meat was tender and juicy and the skin was crunchy. The brown sauce was also very nice. This is one of the best dishes served here.

Overall, the two major things need to be improved are the service and the mushroom soup. I will be revisiting this place in another month’s time. Hopefully by that time they are well-prepared for us.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 7:00pm – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 017-413 4330 (William)
Address:5i, Lorong Delima 3, Island Glades 11700 Penang.

22 thoughts on “New Western Food in Penang @ Will Western Delight, Island Glades”

  1. I just went there last night.
    The oxtail soup was sweeter than their Peel Fresh’s mango juice…yucks!
    Service is way too slow.
    I can barely taste the fish fillet on both the grilled fish and fish maryland :(.
    The only dishes which are edible are the Lamb chop and Oriental Chicken Chop.
    I’m seriously clueless why it’s full house every night.

  2. Grace, really so sweet on the soup? I haven’t tried that. However, I do really agree with you that the service need to be improved.

  3. I was planning to visit last Saturday night around 7pm, it’s fully occupied. I just could passed by and plan for another trip. Monday night 6 something, it’s not open yet(not sure when does it closed). Pity, stay so near to it, but never have chance to test their food. I like chicken chop very much, hopefully I could try even just once.

  4. i think i saw my mom and my cousin bro in one of ur photos there..haha…u should try the mix grill or something like that (the most exp in the menu),don really remember the name…quite worth of trying….and regarding the oxtail soup , its kinda salty too…

  5. Ken, I will wait for another month first… it’s still too packed and service still not really improved no doubt the food is acceptable.

  6. Though im working here… i will never get bored of eating the food everyday.. it’s SUPER DELICOIUS!!!! i love working here…. they are really kind people…. BTW, my chef is from LONDON!!!~~~ the price is reasonable.. My chef really cares about cleaniness and quality!! ^^

  7. Baby, indeed is full house almost every day even week day. They should have increase more man power and space for sit.

    Katherine, really? In that case I would prepare for a second visit already. Need to ask ur chef to cook his signature dishes so that I can place on my web 🙂

  8. the black pepper fish or chicken there are most delicious, even my parents are non western food lover also like.. the waiter/waitress are quite friendly but there is always lack of seat and a bit hot for me.. Overall it can considered as ‘cheap and nice’ lol.. (thumbs up)

  9. Get to know that they have moved. heard they moved to the coffee shop which next to gembira parade and the menu was changed. Got additional food in menu – pork chop, salmon and mushroom sauce. Must try!!

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