Tiger STREATS Penang – The Redefined Street Food

What is Tiger STREATS? Tiger STREATS, the unique street food experience from Tiger Beer, is gearing up to take its culinary delights on the road this March. Foodies in Penang and Johor will get the chance to sample Malaysian street food favourites as they’ve never had them before, all washed down with ice cold Tiger brews.


Tiger Streats also means Tiger ‘street food meets fine dining’.


A bold lager, born and brewed in the heart of Asia through tropical lagering process.


During this Tiger Streat Event in Penang, there are various food stalls available. This event took place at Hin Bus Depot in Penang on 4th March 2017.


Tiger Restaurant is the place where all the delicious could be found.


One of the highlights at Tiger Streats was Inside Scoop. The ice cream was coated with salted egg batter with cempedak (jackfruit) flavored ice cream within. The taste was unique and delicious.


K-pop Maggie Mee was another dish available at Tiger Streats. I personally did not quite like this dish as the taste of curry powder overwhelmed the original kimchi taste.


We were constantly greeted by the aroma from the barbecue section.


During this feast, Tiger fans will have their chance to dine and drink with their favorite Tiger beer.


Cool and chilling Tiger beers are available during this event.


The Color Noise, a great local band was performing throughout the whole night of this event.


Tiger fans will be kept entertained throughout the event with retro-inspired games.


Tikam Wall, is something that you will be able to get your luck on for trying something.


Instead of playing ping pong with the bat, this is the time for you to try with kitchen utensils.


The chilling session had been going strong all night long.


This is where you will have your thirst quenched and stomach ‘refueled’.


For more information on Tiger STREATS, please visit Tiger Beer’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/tigerbeermy

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