Royal High Tea Onboard, Libra Cruise – A Lifetime Unique Experience

Savoring high tea is nothing new in Penang as there are many cafes and hotels offering afternoon high tea. However, enjoying afternoon tea on a cruise may be something new to us. Imagine having the best of both worlds, cruising on the beautiful sea in Penang and at the same time savouring Royal High Tea which can be an exclusive experience.


Libra Star Cruise is also known as a floating holiday resort. During the whole sailing journey, the cruise offered great gourmet delights, recreations and wellness as well as great entertainment shows.


We were greeted by the white grand piano in the lobby.


The great smile on the faces of the cruise ship butlers makes you feel like a VIP entering the ship.


The dress code of the butlers is in accordance to the standard requirement of “5 stars hospitality standard”. This is one of the main selling points of having high tea on Libra Star Cruise.


Hwajing Travel and Tours has been playing as the pioneer in establishing trends in the Malaysian Cruise Industry. Recently, Hwajing has launched a new package known as “Royal High Tea” which is specially designed to enrich the cruise experience for cruise travelers.


The main objective of introducing the “Royal High Tea” onboard is to let guests to have a chance to get away from their hectic lifestyle, be pampered and enjoy some quality time.


Four Seasons is the name of the restaurant that located inside this cruise.


The menu as shown below:


The option of tea is from Twining’s with the following selections:

  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Green Tea


The first ever “Royal High Tea” concept is just appropriated to the market as it is exceptional, great value added and provided as a FREE Surprise to Hwajing passengers.


Another plus point for this Royal High Tea is everything on the platter is refillable.


For those who prefer coffee over tea, you can always state your choice.


Tea and coffee are also refillable.


Having a light session with Mr. Kenny, the Managing Director of Hwajing during the launch of “Royal High Tea”.


Overall, the launch of Hwajing’s “Royal High Tea” is specially designed to enrich the cruise experience of cruise travelers at Libra Star Cruise. For more information about this “Royal High Tea”, please visit: Hwajing Travel & Tours Facebook Page

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