The Launching of Food Guide 2012/2013 @ Gurney Plaza

Food is one of the most essential and proud topics to be mentioned by Penangites. Penang is so famous with food where you can find any good food at every corner in Penang. The Food Guide 2012/2013 by Gurney Plaza is the guidance for your gourmet journey at Gurney Plaza.

The Food Guide Journey started with four Penang Food Bloggers liaised with Gurney Plaza Management to carefully select and review some of the delightful restaurants within the mall. The bloggers in action were:

The launching of the Gurney Plaza Food Guide was done on 9th June 2012 at the new wing of Gurney Plaza. The was launched by VIP guest, YB Danny Law, Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development & Culture.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was done shortly after the speech by YB Danny Law.

The signage to the mock Food Guide marked the launch of this booklet. Picture from right, Criz Lai, followed by Lawrence Teh Gurney Plaza Center Manager, YB Danny Law and myself.

Once the Food Guide was officially launched, the next event was The “Matterhorn Challenge”. This event was organized and sponsored by Euro Deli. Matterhorn is actually referring to the name of the gigantic burger at Euro Deli. The weight of the burger was approximately 3kg with the width of 9 inches and height of 6 inches.

The setup of the challengers’ stage.

20 contestants were waiting patiently for their giant meal to be served.

The shoppers were watching from almost every corner of the mall.

Check out my burger. I think I can finish them all.

How many bites do I need to finish off this gigantic burger?

Ang Kevin and Nicholas Theng, co-founders of, were trying to measure their bites on the burger too.

The buzzer from the timer marked the start of the competition. One contestant started with the bite of the patty.

Some even stucked their ears with MP3 to boost up their eating rhythm.

Gosh~~ please help me to swallow!

I think I can’t take it anymore..

The 2nd buzzer rang that marked the end of the burger eating contest. There were no contestants on the floor that could finish the burger on time. Therefore the winner was determined by the least weight of the leftover burger.

The winner of this contest went to Mr. Wilson Chew with the least amount left – 1.035kg remained. Surprisingly his size was not huge but he was a great eater.

The other 2 winners finished with a marginal 1.075kg and 1.110kg remains respectively. They were 1st Runner-up, Mr. Lee Tat Fong and 2nd Runner-up, Mr. Goh Thain Seong.

The champion of Man Vs. Food. The final sente ce mentioned to me by Wilson before he went of – No more burger for the following one month!

5 thoughts on “The Launching of Food Guide 2012/2013 @ Gurney Plaza”

  1. Tsk tsk, this world is so unfair, why these people eat a lot but still so slim and i’m a small eater but ended up with such big size LOL!

  2. i wishes these event will be held in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling jaya, or alternatively if penang there when have such events i wishes i’m have been informed by the organiser………….. i’m a malaysia record holder & others many eating events………… i wan to breaks the records……….. i miss both………. rm888/=…………please lt me know………… thanks…………….

  3. Please provide a link to the contents of the Food Guide at Gurney Plaza. It will be much appreciated by those who intend to patronize the food joints there.

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