Take The Money Yourself @ Mayang Pasir Chicken Rice Stall

Hainanese chicken rice has always been a favourite to Penangites due to the fact that most Penangites work in factories. Also, it is fast and simple to prepare with a mouth-watering taste. Therefore, chicken rice is one of the common food during lunch time.

There are a lot of nice Hainanese chicken rice stalls located at Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas area. However, there is one famous chicken rice stall located at Bayan Baru which is famous with not the steam and roast chicken, but also with the BBQ pork and roast pork.

The name of the restaurant is called Hong Tien. There are only 2 stalls located at this restaurant. One is the mentioned chicken rice stall and the another is the economic rice stall.

If I mentioned Jalan Tengah’s “3 combination” (literally it means you can choose any 3 types of meat namely steamed/roast chicken, duck, roast pork, or BBQ pork) most of us will think of this place. All the dishes here are home-made instead of OEM (buy from someone else).

The steamed chicken was just right, the meat was so tender and smooth. For those who enjoy soft and fresh steam chicken, this is where you should go and try.

Not to forget the ever popular roast chicken. Sometimes when you were at other chicken rice stalls the texture of the roast chicken was hard and even tasteless. However, for this particular stall it was nicely roasted.

If you feel that one dish is not sufficient to satisfy your appetite, you can order 2 flavours combination like BBQ pork with roast pork, which combined 2 of the best flavours of pork, or 3 flavours like bbq pork, roast pork with roast chicken.

The price for 1 person to order the dish as below:

1 flavour, 1 person – RM3.50
2 flavour, 1 person – RM4.50
3 flavour, 1 person – RM5.50

If you love something sour as appetiser, you can always order the “assam” fish from the economic stall next door.

One thing which is so special about this place is that the owner trusts his customers on paying and getting the change themselves after their meal. Whenever you asked him for the price he will ask you to drop the money and take the change from there. 

The front of the stall where you pay and collect your change.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 11:00am – 4.00pm, close on Sunday.
Adress: Jalan Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru (just opposite Jalan Tengah, under the flat.)

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  2. This chicken rice is totally nice. I love it since small. The chicken is so tasty and i remember one day i went there and i had 3 plates of it. I can’t resist the taste at all.

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